Innovation. Passion. First.

Our philosophy

Highest quality without compromise

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Germany.

The Wipotec Group is a leading global provider of intelligent weighing and inspection technology. Spurred on by our corporate philosophy “Innovation. Passion. First.”, we develop and produce unique machine solutions and technologies for OEM and end customers from a wide range of industries at our headquarters in Kaiserslautern. As a sound, founder-managed company with 30 years’ experience, we value enduring, long-term partnerships and always put the customer first. “First” as in top priority.

Our integrated solutions come from “a single source” and extend along the entire value creation chain from hardware and software development to in-house production with a level of vertical integration exceeding 85% and after-sales service.

“Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany” is a mark of premium quality and customer benefit derived in high-performance applications.

Behind the Group’s success are 750 employees who demonstrate their passion for technology to our customers on a daily basis.

Two global sales and service companies with over 100 branch offices and distribution partners operate under the umbrella of the Wipotec Group.



With a broad portfolio of checkweighers, X-ray machines, Track & Trace products and innovative systems for the mail & logistics industry, WIPOTEC-OCS serves our retail business in nine target industries worldwide.

WIPOTEC Weighing Technology is the global leader in the integration of EMFR weigh cells and kits and consequently provides our OEM customers with significant competitive advantages.

Weighing and Inspection Solutions


WIPOTEC-OCS implements intelligent weighing and inspection solutions for manufacturing industries in the food, non-food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. It also focuses on creating productivity increases and revenue recovery applications for leading mail and logistics companies.

Weighing technology from the global leader

WIPOTEC Weighing Technology

Leading global machine manufacturers and OEMs in packaging, filling and cutting technology from a wide range of industries rely on the ultra-fast precision weigh cells and kits of WIPOTEC Weighing Technology. Our expertise is in machine construction and the integration of intelligent weighing systems for high-speed applications. We see ourselves as consultants and partners to our customers, helping them to achieve maximum line efficiency and productivity.

Science Alliance Kaiserslautern

„We are proud of Wipotec’s membership in the Science Alliance Kaiserslautern – a flagship company, global market leader and role model for sustainability.”

— Prof. Dieter Rombach, CEO Science Alliance

“There’s no such thing as impossible.”

The genius Albert Einstein once said that you can recognise a good idea by the fact that it appears to be impossible to implement from the outset. I took this almost philosophical statement and turned it for us into the simple maxim “There’s no such thing as impossible”. I wanted it to express our customer-oriented innovation and our infinite passion for creating new value-added solutions within the Wipotec Group.

— Theo Düppre, CEO and founder of WIPOTEC

Global headquarters of the Wipotec Group

In addition to traditional commercial functions, Wipotec pools basic research, hardware and software development, design, project management and production in a 32,000 m2 skills centre with unbeatable vertical integration. For our customers this guarantees quick-to-implement standard solutions and optimum fulfilment of even the most complex customised engineering solutions. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.

WIPOTEC Production Track & Trace and Checkweighers

Customers visiting WIPOTEC for the first time are constantly amazed by the precision, the focus and the special atmosphere, more akin to a factory, even though the partially synchronised production lines churn out significantly large quantities.

Expert Service

With a global service network, WIPOTEC guarantees its customers fast and proficient handling of initial installation and maintenance, short-notice on-site assistance and rapid delivery of spare parts. As experts in your field, our experienced service technicians will assist you on site, on the telephone or via online remote services on the system itself, thus assuring you of an optimum production process in the fastest time possible. As part of our services, we also offer maintenance training for your operators and technicians on our operator-friendly machines. This will help you to get the best from your machinery and equipment pool at all times and ensure that you achieve the required range of products on a continuous basis..