Weighing and control of complex applications

The production, filling, and packaging processes, especially, in the pharmaceutical industry are subject to strict quality and safety regulations. The TQCC is the perfect answer to these requirements: in-line weighing, controlling, and coding with a final 100% end control of the packaging process.

The integrated laser inscribes the accepted packages with a durable seal of quality. The integrated OCR/OCV camera system checks this code for accuracy and legibility.

The HC-A-TQCC covers all pharmaceutical safety standards (21CFR Part 11, Audit Trail etc.) and is easily integrated as a space-saving addition to existing production lines.

The use of high-tech Weigh Cells from Wipotec, which operate according to the principle of Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR), guarantees optimal weighing results with the best technology.

Key Features

  • Integrated laser for durable inscription of the accepted packages
  • OCR/OCV camera system for reliable code check

Your Benefits

  • EMFR Weigh Cell for precise weighing results
  • Easy integration to existing production lines

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