Open House


Sneak a Peek Behind the Scenes of a World Market Leader

Employees with great passion for the founder-managed enterprise and its innovative solutions told the interested visitors about the individual sections and their work in the WIPOTEC Group.

From control cabinet construction to weigh cell assembly, electronics production to machining, there were many opportunities to experience the machines and systems in action at different stops around the company site.  


What’s that machine doing? The youngest visitors were also fascinated by the exciting product demonstrations at the WIPOTEC Group’s Open Day. And WIPOTEC employees never tired of explaining the technology of weigh cells to even the smallest fans in a clear and simple manner.


In the X-ray inspection section, visitors had the unique opportunity to inspect the contents of sealed pizza boxes. Based on the modules of an X-ray scanner, they were also shown the inspection technology needed to check filling levels, shape and completeness and to identify foreign bodies, product faults and other quality deficiencies, even in products that are already packaged. Quality assurance made by WIPOTEC.


More than just a simple folding box – in the field of Track & Trace, the pharmaceutical systems specialists showed how TQS machines provide the folding boxes for prescription medications with counterfeit-proof marking, give them tamper-evident seals and weigh them in a single pass. Non-conforming products are ejected on the spot.

A clear demonstration of the serialisation and traceability of medicines. An indispensable safeguard and now a legal requirement worldwide.



The distribution centres of logistics companies: usually off-limits for mere mortals. Not today though. Based on the example of a conveyor line for parcels, visitors were shown how modern, intelligent weighing technology by WIPOTEC works. Visitors were invited to guess the weights of parcels while they were being transported before their eyes on the conveyor line of a system typical for a distribution centre. An integrated WIPOTEC catchweigher determines the correct result accurate to the gramme in every case.


The little ones among the visitors also got their fair share of the fun with an inflatable climbing wall, face painting, chance to drive a child-size forklift, a bouncy castle and a photobox booth. WIPOTEC’s commitment to children, however, is not limited to the Open Day. While on the premises, there was also chance to look around the first privately financed company nursery in the Kaiserslautern area which opened in 2014.

WIPOTEC’s integrative day care centre for children, which can be accessed not only by company employees, currently cares for 55 children. The generously staffed day care centre includes a total 900 m2 of indoor space and 3,500 m2 of outdoor space.


Relaxing in the sunshine and almost midsummer temperatures while enjoying food and refreshments with musical accompaniment. On the Open Day, all drinks and meals were served at a token price and the proceeds of the overall event were donated to regional charities. WIPOTEC’s social commitment is dedicated to fighting the consequences of poverty in old age, supporting children and young people, and people with disabilities.

Social responsibility, seen in action by all the visitors, even at the WIPOTEC Open Day.


Can there be a better chance to find out about training routes, the professional environment and individual development opportunities than on a day when all the doors are open? The Open Day provided visitors with the ideal chance to get advice about starting a career at WIPOTEC. WIPOTEC training managers were available to answer questions; trainees were happy to recount their experience, talk about the corporate culture and the promotion of professional development.

Employees from the HR department presented a range of future-proof jobs in a successful and globally expanding company, for example in connection with training as a mechatronics engineer or as part of a dual degree course.


WIPOTEC on Open Day: 1,000 employees worldwide develop and produce unique machine solutions and technologies for OEM and end customers from many industries. As a founder-managed company with 30 years’ experience, the company fosters enduring, long-term partnerships and always puts the customer first.

More than 200 WIPOTEC employees were involved in developing the overall programme for the Open Day at WIPOTEC, designed to guarantee a great experience for all visitors. This commitment on the part of the employees was a significant factor in the event’s success.

We would like to thank all the visitors for their interest and particularly our employees who actually made this day possible.