Responsibility towards society

Social commitment.

Don’t just talk. Do it.


There’s a lot of talk about sustainability. And it’s not just a recent phenomenon. But at WIPOTEC our actions have been speaking for themselves from the beginning. And so have the facts. Today, for example, the central production site in Kaiserslautern meets 70% of its needs from its own alternative energy sources. Over 18,000 m2 of underfloor heating is operated with geothermal heat from a geothermal energy plant on the company site. Our ambitious goal is complete self-sufficiency by 2020.

  • The facts:

    • Use of alternative energy sources (solar, water and wind power)
    • Use of geothermal energy to obtain geothermal heat for heating and cooling the production facilities and office buildings
    • Operation of a solar park to produce our own electricity

MINT meets U19

Promoting talents

WIPOTEC concentrates its mainly regional commitment to encouraging young people in the “WIPOTEC Talents” programme. This extends from exclusive sponsorship of the national U19 Bundesliga performance squad “Team WIPOTEC” of the Cycling Federation of Rhineland-Palatinate and providing gifted students with grants as part of the Deutschlandstipendium, a National Scholarship Programme, to the promotion of MINT school programmes (MINT = maths, IT, natural sciences and technology ). The key aim here is to make it possible for young people to gain access to mathematics and science topics.


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Lebenshilfe Westpfalz e.V.

„The positive aspects of a company-owned day care centre for children are remarkable in themselves but incorporating the integrative concept truly sets social standards.”

– David Lyle, Executive Director

Integrative day care centre for children

Social responsibility


48 children, including ten children under three and eight children with disabilities, can be looked after in the integrative day care centre which was inaugurated by WIPOTEC in 2014 as the first company-owned day care centre on the company’s site in Kaiserslautern.

Social responsibility and a corresponding level of commitment are firmly established at WIPOTEC. This is also reflected in the team spirit evident displayed at sports events and extensive support for educational projects in schools and universities.


Research project with Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences


A station with two charging bays and expansion of the Wipotec fleet by an electric vehicle mark WIPOTEC’s entry into e-mobility. The renewable electricity comes from the nearby solar park. And it’s not only the company vehicle that refuels with solar electricity. The central production facility of WIPOTEC in Kaiserslautern is also connected to a solar power plant. The company has invested in local solar technology and is now benefitting from cheap solar electricity across the entire site. At the same time, WIPOTEC has also donated an electric vehicle to the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences. The background to this is a joint research project in the field of e-mobility.






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