Irregs will no longer hold you up: DWS Irreg Systems

Bulky freight requires special handling. But here too, it’s important to invoice the consignee as accurately as possible for the cost incurred. What you need for this, is price-relevant data which has to be determined safely and transparently. The DWS Irreg system is the perfect solution.

Key Features

  • Loading and scanning station executed as driven or non-driven conveyor
  • Automatically driven dimensioning and weighing unit
  • Gross weight range: up to 150 kg

Your Benefits

  • 360° data acquisition
  • Revenue recovery due to comprehensive package acquisition
  • Process optimisation for intralogistics

DWS Irreg systems from Wipotec enable the machine-compatible processing of consignments which cannot be sorted within the current product range due to their size, shape or weight. They incorporate dynamic catchweighers with a weighing range up to 150 kg. In addition to the weight, they also capture the volume and all 1D/2D codes.

DWS Irreg systems are available in a variety of configuration levels from semi-automated to fully automated operation. This means automatic detection of information in the shortest possible time, integrated and fully synchronised with downstream transport and sorting systems. Items of freight are weighed, their dimensions optically captured and all consignmentrelevant printed information is read and processed. The systems generally pay for themselves after a few months as they enable correct invoicing with significantly reduced staff expenditure.

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