Live-Webcast: Quality control of dairy products

Live-Webcast: Quality control of dairy products

For a safe and cost-effective production line

In our exclusive Webcast our experts discussed solutions for a filling and packaging line in order to improve safety and efficiency. Emphasis was made of the weigh cells, checkweigher and X-ray systems.

Are you interested in reducing the number of rejections that originate from over or underfilled containers? Could your foreign body detection system be more reliable?

Do you build machines for dairy filling and are looking for reliable calibrated weigh cells?

Perhaps this may sound like a future innovation, but these systems already exist for dairy filling and packaging.

Would you like more information about weighing, checkweighing and X-ray options for dairy production? If so, we would highly recommend that you contact us, or to begin with watch the recording of our Webcast!

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