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Weigh Up 2021

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  • There is one Thing about True Flexibility: It Knows no Limits
    Advantages of Wipotec Weigh Cells
  • E-Commerce Parcel Sorting Automation Made Easy
    Customised logistics solutions
  • Track & Trace Paves the Path to the Future
    Pioneering work with TQS

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Weigh Up 2020

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  • Tall, slim and wobbly
    Rotary star wheel weighing systems for aerosols
  • Relocating production, reducing costs
    Keeping an eye on commissioning costs
  • Safe food for all
    How to minimize reputational risks

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Weigh Up 2019

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  • AVC – Active vibration compensation
    Challenges of weighing technology in sorting centres
  • Weighing kits for new markets
    Weighing technology for machine manufacturers
  • Checkweigher modularity
    Product handling: Standardisation enables wide range of products

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Weigh Up 2018

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  • Everything in Sync
    About mass production and assembly line production
  • X-ray inspection of rice and grains
    Quality assurance for natural products
  • It's all happening here!
    Solutions for mail, CEP services and intralogistics

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Weigh Up 2017

Highlights of the mazines

  • The DNA of the Wipotec
    Innovation and passion for new products and technologies
  • Wipotec cental europe on expansion
    Customers love short distances
  • Key Account Business
    Coordinating with clients for investment in technologies

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