High Speed with Maximum Precision

Our next higher class of industrial scales supports transport speeds up to two metres per second with twice the accuracy. Customers who opt for the HC-ML models benefit from this increase in speed combined with higher resolutions for individual products weighing up to a maximum of 15 kilos.

These catchweighers are the perfect solution for small to medium loads having larger product dimensions.

Key Features

  • Transport speeds up to 2 m/s
  • Weighing range up to 15 kg
  • Accuracy above +/- 2 g
  • Belt body construction using sandwich technology / lightweight construction
  • Can optionally be used in parallel operation or as double scales

Your Benefits

  • Easily integrated in existing lines
  • Wipotec EMFR weigh cell for the best weighing results
  • Ideal scales for medium speeds and medium weights

These catchweighers are the perfect solution for small to medium loads which also have larger geometric product dimensions. Depending on the design of the controller, it is possible to drive up to 15 motors of different types.

Both scales can also weigh during acceleration and deceleration phases and on ascending or descending slopes. This ensures a high degree of flexibility. The use of a high-tech weigh cell from Wipotec, which works on the principle of electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR), guarantees the best technology for excellent weighing results. The Wipotec weigh cell itself contains no wear parts and needs no maintenance.

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