Safe! Explosion-protected weighing technology for aerosols

Aerosols in high, cylindrical cans demand special requirements on production lines in the chemical industry. In most cases, they are highly flammable and hazardous. Spray cans and containers are prone to displacement due to their small base and high centre of gravity. The weighing solutions from Wipotec seek to meet the demands of the aerosol industry and do so flawlessly.

Our solutions guarantee safe weighing in a potentially explosive atmosphere with extreme accuracy and high throughputs. Our machinery can be easily integrated into your production lines to meet all your requirements.

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  • Up to 400 inline weighing operations per minute with revolving star technology
  • Safe weighing in Ex zones 1 and 2
  • Incident-free transport of objects
  • Highly precise results for short quarantine times

Weigh cell technology – as precise as it is uncomplicated

Manufactured with the highest vertical range of manufacture in our Kaiserslautern plant, our EX-protected series offers you precise weigh cells that we have optimized for sensitive use in chemical environments.

Our weigh cells type SW-D-FS-EX weigh your substances up to a weight of 2000 g safely and with high performance. The system's active inherent damping guarantees you the shortest possible measuring times with parallel high resolution - aspects that have a positive effect on the quality and safety of your processes. Keyword safety: We meet your high safety requirements via the protection types II 3 G Ex nA IIB T4 and II 3 D Ex tD IP54 100 °C.

The fact that we have designed the weigh cells to be small and compact as sensor components allows them to be used as a multi-track system and guarantees you maximum flexibility.

Another plus: Thanks to weigh cells specially designed for this purpose, we can also integrate them in Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 22 (environments with non-conductive dust) production environments.

HC-A-IS: Checkweigher for Aerosol Cans

The HC-A-IS provides a reliable and robust checkweigher for fully automatic weight control for use in filling plants (e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry). The indexing star wheel system enables optimal product handling for high, slim containers (aerosol cans, plastic and glass bottles, etc.) and ensures fast, precise in-line weight control. The easy exchangeable star wheel handles product transfer, product transportation within the weighing unit and the return transportation to the production line. The HC-A-IS can be easily integrated into existing filling lines without having to open up the existing transport route.


  • Extremely high accuracy especially for unstable cylindrical products
  • solid stainless steel design
  • IP54 protection type (IP69K as an option (HC-A-IS WD))
  • Easy integration into existing lines
  • Short change over time with simple change of format sets
  • Possibility of fast feedback/tendency control of filling machine

Determining the Right Weight With Wipotec Checkweighers

With the pre-package directive you are obliged to maintain, check and document the nominal quantities stated on product packages. Wipotec measures the weight of your products accurately within a short time-frame, ejecting products with the incorrect weight, whilst compiling comprehensive documentation. Therefore, with Wipotec solutions only fully controlled packages leave your production line. For complete line optimization, our feedback control feature improves line efficiency. Thanks to the modular design of the checkweighers, they can be integrated flexibly into your existing production lines and can be optionally equipped with additional functions necessary to match your specific application.

Usage of Checkweighers as a Batch Weighing System and for Shortening The Quarantine Time

Of course, the automatic checkweighers can also be used as a batch weighing system in order to regulate the exact combination of the gas components. Our checkweighers ensure product optimization through accurate measurements of combined active ingredients. High speed checkweighing also reduces the quarantine time of aerosol cans.

To verify the long-term sealing of the containers, spray cans such as asthma sprays are weighed and coded automatically. After quarantine, the containers are weighed again and compared with the initial weight coded. During this process the quantity of gas that has escaped must not exceed the permitted loss. Due to the fact that our units accurately record even the smallest variations in weight, the quarantine time is significantly lowered while meeting the underlying regulations. This therefore provides an important competitive advantage.

With the Checkweighers Everything is Kept in Place – Even at High Conveyor Belt Speeds

Aerosol packaging, prone to displacement, remains safely in line thanks to our innovative conveyor technology. The aerosol cans that are transported close together on chain conveyors are accurately weighed using revolving stars. Series HC-A-IS checkweighers are able to weigh products "inline" through a star wheel with format-specific pockets, picking up the containers as they arrive on the conveyor belt and rotating the product over the weigh cell. To weigh the aerosol, it is briefly pulled from the line and then subsequently returned to the product flow. Products with the wrong weight are ejected. Depending on the size of the packaging, up to 400 weighing operations per minute are achieved with this technology. Production is monitored directly and can be regulated as required, using the integrated control of the average value. If it is necessary to change the revolving star for a format change, the wheel can be changed in less than five minutes.

Reliable Weighing of Aerosoles in Potentially Explosive Athmosphere

Weighing aerosols in Ex zones 1 and 2 is particularly useful if the paths between filling and checking need to be kept as short as possible. The explosion-protected Wipotec checkweighers are equipped with an antistatic transport system to prevent the formation of dangerous sparks, caused by static discharges. The pressurised enclosure of the control unit helps to prevent potentially explosive gases escaping. For the additional protection of your staff, the control unit can also be installed outside the potentially explosive atmosphere, depending on the length of the wiring harness. The operation of the explosion-protected scale is identical to non-explosion-protected versions and just as intuitive and user friendly.

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