Exhibitions and Events

We value direct contact with our customers and use trade shows and events as a platform to showcase our latest technical developments and products up close. We place great importance on personal exchange and aim to present innovative solutions to you in an interactive setting.

Discover our national and international trade show appearances, where we always showcase the latest technical developments in our portfolio. In addition, we offer Wipotec special events on selected topics. To make it easier for you to access our trade shows and events, we provide you with free tickets.
Simply send us an email with the subject of the trade show and we will send you a ticket free of charge.

We look forward to meeting you in person at our trade shows and events and showcasing our innovative solutions to you.

Also, visit our YouTube channel, where you can find videos from our trade show events. These not only give you a taste of the on-site experience but also provide detailed insights into our latest products and technologies. Additionally, you will find informative videos on various topics and applications that will help you better understand the benefits of our products.

Experience live what the future holds
Discover the future of weighing and inspection technology

23/05/28 23/05/30


Qingdao, China

Booth N6-69

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23/06/05 23/06/08


Algiers, Algeria

Booth D 076

23/06/07 23/06/09

Simposio AFI

Rimini, Italy

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23/06/13 23/06/15


Guadalajara, Mexico

Booth 2530

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23/06/14 23/06/15

Connect in Pharma

Geneva, Switzerland

Booth D13

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23/06/14 23/06/17

Propak Asia

Bangkok, Thailand

Booth U39

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23/06/14 23/06/15

Empack Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Booth B10

23/07/11 23/07/12

ARAB PHARMA Manufacturer Expo,

Amman, Jordan

Booth Booth 206 + 178

presented by Mest

23/07/23 23/07/26


Melbourne, Australia

Booth Booth N28

23/09/03 23/09/05


Cairo, Egypt

Booth D10

presented by EPAC

23/09/11 23/09/13


Las Vegas, USA

Booth 6750

23/09/26 23/09/29

Alimentaria Foodtech

Barcelona, Spain

23/09/26 23/09/28


Basel, Switzerland

Booth Booth B170

23/10/11 23/10/14


Jakarta, Indonesia

Booth DE 031

23/10/22 23/10/25

PharmSci 360

Orlando, USA

23/10/23 23/10/25


Chicago, USA

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23/10/24 23/10/26

Parcel+Post Expo

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hall 12Booth 420

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23/10/24 23/10/27

Cibus Tec

Parma, Italy

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