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Why standard solutions also call the shots for us

As a food company, pharmaceutical producer or manufacturer of chemical products, are you looking to integrate a new production line in your plant, or to expand an existing line with technical components or retrofit an old line?

Weighing kits are a wise commercial decision whenever you are tackling one of these tasks in a standardized manner: when design, control technology or interfaces meet the usual industry standards.

The most important building block – for production and quality control alike – is the weighing technology used. And, thanks to our pre-assembled weighing kits, this does not have to be complicated to implement. (Re)construction measures are almost always carried out under time pressure. With our weighing kits you can take the pressure off and, thanks to state-of-the-art, cleverly combined individual components, you are more efficient when implementing your project.

What we can promise you in advance is that Wipotec weighing kits combine the best of all worlds: everything from conveyor belts to weighing belts in lightweight design. Simply define what is most important to you and we will do the rest. Ultimately, you will receive exactly the weighing kit with Weigh Cell and weighing belt that matches your needs to perfection. And it goes without saying that it is also available in protection classes IP44, IP65, IP69 and IP69k.

Our expertise – your safety

  • A wide range of single and multilane weighing system solutions
  • Tailored Weigh Cell integration in machines and systems
  • Flexible connection to the customer’s control systems
  • Precise weighing in difficult local conditions
  • Fast applications with up to 600 weighing operations per minute
  • Professional, customer-specific support
  • Modular product range
  • High level of vertical integration from board assembly to the complete system 

Weighing Kit FAQ

What is a Weighing Kit?

Weighing kits consist of individual components such as Weigh Cell as well as conveyor and weighing belts in lightweight construction, individually matched to customer requirements. Weighing kits differ in the combination of components which in turn are geared to industry requirements. 

Weighing kits consist of the Weigh Cell, a weighing belt and optional infeed and outfeed conveyors. The conveyor belts for infeed and outfeed on production lines are available in different sizes and lengths and also vary in belt width.  

With regard to the protection class, Weigh Cells and belts are geared to the industry requirements of pharmaceutical production, food production and the demands of the chemical industry, to name but a few. Our weighing kits are available in IP44, IP65, IP69 and IP69k.

How does a Weighing Kit work?

Based on the customer's specification, the appropriate weighing kit is selected from an extensive modular range with single-lane and modular multilane system solutions. The appropriate Weigh Cell is chosen depending on the product to be weighed. The customer and product requirements form the basis for selection of the relevant weighing belts and infeed and outfeed conveyors. Once all design parameters have been clarified, the kit is connected to the customer's control system or to other higher-level systems.  

Where is it particularly advisable to use a Weighing Kit?

Weighing kits are always an option that can be implemented quickly if plants are standardized or customized and their design, the control technology, the interfaces or protection classes meet the technical standards. In the case of automated special applications, we combine individual components from different weighing and sorting kits to create a customized solution that is nevertheless based on standards.

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