Precision checkweighers ensure increased product quality and manufacturing efficiency

Checkweighing also ensures safety – for all concerned. As a pharmaceutical company, would you like to check your pre-packaged medicines for completeness? On the other hand, as a food producer, is the German Pre-packaging Regulation legally binding for you?

Our checkweighing scales not only work with high precision, they also impress with very high throughput rates. This ensures added value for you even as a company in the non-food sector, machine construction, the chemical industry or logistics.

Exact weight determination always forms the basis for designing efficient processes, and manufacturing products more effectively. In the final analysis, exact checkweighing is the most important aspect for quality assurance.

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Every Parameter Counts: Checkweighing Scales are Versatile Solutions for all Industries

We have adapted our checkweighing scales to almost all areas of industrial use, and offer checkweighing scales for very light to very heavy products. We take the parameters of every conceivable production environment into account when designing and manufacturing our checkweighers. For example, we have checkweigher scales in stainless steel construction for both dry areas, and scale variations featuring hygienic designs for wet areas.

The modular design of our checkweighing scales and the number of scale options available offers you maximum freedom. For example, our AVC models are ideal when you need to weigh your products reliably regardless of the ambient vibrations present in the packaging machine or the production line environment, and without sacrificing speed.

The fact that you can also combine our checkweighing scales with a wide range of package inspection systems using X-Ray technology for the detection of foreign bodies also makes us the best choice when you are aiming to make your processes even more reliable and efficient. 

Focus on Patient Safety: Check Packaged Medicines Fast and Accurately

For pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other healthcare companies, the use of checkweighing scales increase the efficiency of making the product completeness check downstream of the packaging process. This starts with a quick check at blister pack level to verify that a blister pack is missing. This process also applies to quality assurance, where our highly accurate checkweighers detect whether every folding box includes an information leaflet.

Our checkweighers accurately detect errors by enabling product measurements in the milligram range. Another strong argument in favor of our checkweighing scales is the fact that we eject faulty products after verification and separate them according to attributes. All this takes place dynamically and while your process continues to run unaffected.

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Productivity Up, Expenses Down: Quality Assurance in the Food Industry

As a food producer, you benefit twice over. First, you avoid over and under filling of your products and second, you avoid two disadvantages: loss of reputation with end consumers and higher costs due to overfilling.

As a food producer, you know that no food inspection means no food safety. Our checkweighing scales detect the weight of your food quickly and reliably, as required by Regulation (EC) 852/2004. Weight checks are one thing, detecting foreign bodies is the other important thing both from a legal perspective, but more importantly from the standpoint of eliminating expensive product recalls.

We have other product inspection systems in our range so that you can also determine critical control points in your production process and inspect food for foreign bodies such as iron, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, glass, ceramics or stones.

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Standard and full-hygienic checkweigher versions are available for easy integration of our checkweighing scales into your production lines. 

Another advantage is that our checkweighing scales are convenient to operate but also easy to clean. A major checkweigher design goal of ours is to make things easy for you.

The Choice is Yours – and the Best Solution for Your Process is Guaranteed

Regardless of which industry you operate in or how high your requirements for checkweighing scales are: our checkweighing solutions cover everything from the simple entry-level machine EC-E with a throughput of 150 pcs/min

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to high-performance machines for the medium application area HC-M. The HC-M series guarantees you throughputs of up to 250 pcs/min.

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If you work with quantities of 600 per minute, a checkweighing scale from the HC-A series is a good decision for you. It can cope with even complex multi-lane applications handling very lightweight products. The checkweighers from Wipotec have a modular design, allowing flexibility and perfect product handling.

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