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Updates on Corona Measures

The corona pandemic is affecting our lives both privately and professionally. The management at Wipotec has implemented extensive measures to minimise the risk of infection for customers and employees. We started to do this at an early stage to safeguard our business processes. What this means for you:

  • We have largely made sure that you can contact our sales and service departments via the normal channels, such as telephone and email.
  • In the current situation, we will not be making customer visits. Your health and that of your employees and our Wipotec colleagues is our top priority.
  • Remote technologies, such as web conferencing or remote maintenance, will enable you and us to make virtual contact.
  • Our multi-supply concept and the integration of many local suppliers has enabled us to further increase our stocks and inventories in recent weeks.
  • Thanks to the 85% level of vertical integration, our production is working normally as far as possible. Special cases require individual agreement.
  • The movement of goods is running reliably under the circumstances. We are noticing slight delays with regard to individual transport routes and the relations between different transport means. We are coordinating the capacity conditions and transit times with the freight forwarders on a daily basis.
  • The supply of spare parts is generally assured as it is spread over a number of locations in Europe and the world.
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