Product Inspection for quality control and contaminations detection

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Modular Design
for tailor-made solutions

Flexible Sensor Technologies
For your individual requirements

Diode Detector

Standard applications

Entry level sensor

Long lifetime

Option: Vision Cameras

VioX Camera

High speed applications

Maximum reliability for lower costs

7-year warranty, independent of operating hours or service contracts

Option: Vision Cameras

DFXr Camera

Challenging applications

Low density contaminants like bones

Remarkable detection capability

Option: Vision Cameras

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Image capture on a new level

The differences in image capture are crucial. Our TDI technology enables precise and detailed capture so that even the smallest contaminations are detected.

  • 128 ×
    Each pixel detected
  • 19″
  • 0.1 mm

16-Bit Technology
for maximum accuracy

A large number of X-ray systems work with 8-bit technology, which can differentiate between a total of 256 gray values. Our X-ray inspection systems use 16-bit technology. This means that our systems can differentiate between more than 60,000 gray values to distinguish between product and foreign bodies.

Precise inspection
of contaminants for all food industries

Bone Detection in meat

Comparison Single- and Dual Frequency X-ray: Chicken Nuggets with artificial bone test card


Single Frequency X-rayDual Frequency X-ray

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Core Segments

  • Smallest footprint
  • Wide range of inspection widths

Modular Design

  • Curtain-free
  • Vertical offset

Modular Design

  • Bulk flow
  • Compact design
  • Minimal product loss

Modular Design

  • Radiation protection curtains
  • Large chunky products

Modular Design

  • Curtain-free
  • Curved conveyors or S-conveyors
  • No directional change

Modular Combination: Vision, Checkweigher and X-ray inspection as a space saving integrated system

Optical and X-ray inspection

Checkweighing and X-ray inspection

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