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Three become one

Merging our websites

Since 2017, the core brand Wipotec has been at the center of our brand architecture. By using differentiated logos, we have given the three historically grown companies a home for a long time to come. In the long run, however, it does not make sense from a brand management perspective to use cannibalizing logos. Therefore, from now on, we will no longer differentiate between Wipotec Weighing Technology, Wipotec-OCS and Wipotec Group.* Instead, the brand's recognition value is to be increased through a unified brand presence, thus strengthening the brand. To emphasize clarity and togetherness, we now also operate on a single website. The website is technically, content-wise as well as visually revised and offers our website visitors a holistic overview and better usability.

All our skills and know-how are no longer spread over three websites. The "one-stop-shop principle", which we have been living with our technologies for more than 30 years, is now also reflected in our online presence.

With the website merge, we have now reached a milestone in the revision of our corporate design. But we still have a lot to do - you can be curious.

*There will be no change in responsibilities, organizations and companies.
I.e. your contact persons remain the same and company names are unchanged.

Innovation and passion for technology

Wipotec is your innovative, reliable partner for high performance, process and customer-orientated weighing and inspection solutions.

As one of the world's leading businesses for dynamic weighing technology and product control, Wipotec stands for outstanding manufacturing quality "Made in Germany", the highest ease of integration and profound sector expertise.

Our market driven weighing and inspection solutions extend across the following categories:

  • Checkweighers and Metal Detectors
  • X-ray scanners and optical inspections
  • Track & Trace solutions
  • Catchweighers and DWS systems
  • Weighing Technology

Everything from a single source and united under one roof: 85 % vertical integration at Wipotec in Kaiserslautern

In addition to the classic commercial functions, Wipotec bundles basic research, hardware and software development, design, project management and production in a 48,000 m2 competence center with unbeatable vertical integration.

This is an unusual value even for highly specialized German machine construction. It is the guarantee of our long-term and comprehensive delivery reliability. We are proud of this record.

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