HC-A checkweighers: Dynamic weighing technology for sachet packaging lines


The application video shows a WIPOTEC-OCS HC-A checkweigher used in combination with a high-speed sachet packaging machine.

HC-A checkweighers can easily be integrated into existing packaging lines due to their overall length of only 1250 millimetres.  In the example of a MEDISEAL sachet packaging line shown here, a multi-lane checkweigher was integrated between the packaging machine and the cartoning machine. Permanent data communication between the filling system and the checkweigher means that adjustments can be made when the production process is running and ensures reliable filler control with maximum dosing accuracy.

The HC-A checkweigher reliably ejects products with incorrect weight; good products on parallel tracks are ejected into separate collecting bins to ensure complete rows. With the five-track version of the weighing belt, it is possible to determine the weight of 300 sachets per minute with an accuracy/standard deviation of max. 5 milligrams.

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