New modular design

The modular design of the Traceable Quality System

Wipotec technology adapts to customers’ requirements

Long-time customers are probably wondering what's new about this. After all, the Wipotec Group has always been known for solving challenges with the highest quality standards. Our engineers have now taken this flexibility to the next level.

The Traceable Quality System has been an integral part of the Wipotec portfolio for years. It was originally developed for the complex marking of pharmaceutical products but is now used in almost every industry. The greatest challenge is the enormous variety of product and packaging shapes. And this is exactly where the modular approach comes in.

Weighing, printing, verifying, labeling, inspecting and even foreign object detection - all these tasks are part of the modular toolbox. Thanks to our expertise in image processing, the systems can even control whether the cap of a bottle is properly sealed.

The biggest advantage for the customer: all modules are fully integrated into the system. That applies to both turnkey machines and integration solutions. The operator therefore controls all functions via one single interface, which reduces changeover times and errors to an absolute minimum.

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