White Paper: Aggregation in Pharma: The future-proof solution

Aggregation in Pharma: The future-proof solution

Aggregation in the pharmaceutical industry: the technological leap and its advantages.

Aggregation is major technology leap in the healthcare supply chain. This aggregation leap is similar to the blockchain technology leap taking place in the financial industry.

The white paper updates you on numerous facts regarding the worldwide regulatory requirements for aggregation. The paper explains in detail how drug manufacturers can trace the origin of their product completely using the "parent-child principle". At the same time, the white paper provides insight into the improvement potential of all processes along the supply chain using aggregation. The focus is not only on the start and end points of the pharmaceutical shipping process, but also on obtaining useful information on the correct handling of delivery damages of aggregated medicine consignments.

The white paper addresses the legal peculiarities of individual countries. This useful combination of important facts, plus a multitude of valuable information provides an essential overview of aggregation technology and worldwide regulatory requirements.

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