X-ray Inspection of Natural Products (Rice)

X-ray Inspection of Natural Products (Rice)

Reliable detection and sorting out of contaminants in rice

Reliable excluding impurities in raw goods and natural products in a major challenge. Natural grains such as rice, lentils, bulgur, couscous and quinoa are examples of these raw goods and natural products.

DANRICE A/S processes all these grains in their processing facility in Ørbæk, Denmark. The company uses X-ray scanners to identify and separate out foreign bodies at high-speed production rates during the incoming raw goods inspection. The X-ray scanners are designed and manufactured in the WIPOTEC-OCS facility located in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The X-ray scanners have such high detection sensitivity and good detection rates that they can detect even the smallest contaminants. Download the application report to learn how.

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