Compact and Reliable X-ray Inspection System of Standing Products

The SC-S series of X-ray inspection systems are the perfect choice for checking standing products for impurities, and ensuring the correct fill levels and closure placements of bottles and cans. These X-ray inspection systems follow a component design that enables an easy, space-saving integration into existing production lines. The SC-S is a side-view X-ray inspection system that reliably performs quality control checks on cans, bottles, composite packaging, paper, or plastic containers at top production line speeds. Either a belt or a chain conveyor can pass through the SC-S X-ray inspection systems housing.

All of the X-ray inspection systems from Wipotec have the same familiar and convenient user interface found in our checkweigher product line. Designed for protection class IP65 with full stainless steel construction, the system features a balcony design and sloped surfaces that, together with the X-ray inspection systems C-shaped product area, that enables fast and easy get thorough machine cleaning.

Key Features

  • Flexible component design
  • Checks standing products like cans, bottles, PVC containers
  • Compact design
  • Integrated conveyor systems

Your Benefits

  • The broadest inspection for maximum productivity
  • Compact design for easy integration

Further information on the topic of x-ray inspection systems

Maximum detection accuracy: 4 X-ray detectors - 3 angular positions.

Compact and reliable inspection of standing products.

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