Why a small number is now becoming a real heavyweight

Why a small number is now becoming a real heavyweight

The Planck constant becomes a new reference standard for the mass of bodies

Accuracy and speed – when it comes to measuring and weighing goods, these are the crucial parameters that determine a company's profitability. All measurements used to be based on the Prototype of the Kilogram which was referenced by weighing technologies worldwide. Not any more! In the past, the Prototype of the Kilogram was suffering increasingly from weight loss. Reason enough for the experts at the General Conference on Weights and Measures to address the issue and question the future viability of the platinum-iridium alloy cylinder stored in Paris.

A few conferences and symposia later, the decision was made: the Planck constant is the new reference standard. And what does this mean for the industry now? What impact will the number with many decimal places have on the development and design of commercial and precision scales? And even more importantly: What will be the result for end customers in the pharmaceutical, logistics or food production sectors? Will quality assurance change? Will the Planck constant affect issues such as adjustment, calibration or verification? Our white paper provides background information and practical answers for daily life.

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