The Perfect Semi-Automatic Aggregation

TQS-CP stands for the successful semi-automatic aggregation of manually repacked folding boxes. It lets you conveniently assign units from a lower level (folding box or bundle) to a higher packaging level (shipment carton).

The operator places the packaged units layer-by-layer in the shipment carton. Each completed layer is then photographed from above by the fully integrated camera. The camera automatically moves to the preset height for packing in order to always ensure the proper focus distance. After the defined number of layers and units has been reached, the aggregation level is completed and a label is automatically generated.

TQS-CP also manages the next packaging level (for example, shipment cartons on pallets). The aggregation of the pallets can be managed in parallel by the optional TQS-MP-EXT. The operator is supported by the integrated display on the mobile scanner.

Key Features

  • Industrial scale labeler on adjustable height table
  • State of the art camera for multicode-reading from above and fully integrated operator guidance
  • Large 19" with touchscreen display and intuitive control menu
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable product table height
  • Validation packets and documentation IQ/OQ, FDS, RA, TM (optional)
  • Weighing platform (optional)
  • Tool free format change

Your Benefits

  • All-in-one operations concept for quick and easy handling
  • Safe and reliable aggregation of every single product
  • Greater value from one machine for the aggregation of shipment cartons and pallets (optional)

Further Information on the Topic of Track and Trace

TQS-CP: Serialization and Aggregation of Drug Products

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