OEM Components: TQS for Direct Integration

OEM-Kits for maximum flexibility

In addition to the independent machine components of the TQS series, we also supply components for the direct integration in packaging machines. These options modules are given the “OEM” designation. TQS-OEM Kits and their functional ranges correspond to those of the separate machines. Consequently, the TQS-SP-OEM for serialization is integrated in the cartoner. Similarly, TQS-CP-OEM for fully automated aggregation of shipment cartons is placed directly in the end-packaging machine. 

Space-saving Integration

The TQS integration variants are especially practical if the existing installation conditions do not offer adequate space. Both variants may also be used in mixed operations. That creates space for your other individual requirements. The integration of these components generally requires the cooperation of the equipment manufacturer because it always involves plant-specific installations.

TQS-VIO3 camera for layer-by-layer reading of full surface data at case-packing level

Thermal transfer printer (TTO) for shipment carton labels

TQS-VIO S verifies shipment carton labels

Wireless handheld scanner incl. integrated control panel with industrial scale thermal transfer printer for labels

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