Auxiliary Code Printing and Ultrafast All Round Inspection of Bottles and Vials

TQS-SP-Bottle prints auxiliary codes and verifies bottles and vials. Printing is completed by the CIJ printer either on the underside or the top of the bottle or vial (visible only under UV light, if required). Subsequently, the machine verifies the previously serialised bottle or vial labels.

The auxiliary aggregation code is for the higher-level aggregation in bundles or cartons. Additionally, the integrated 360° camera unit manages the all round inspection of cylindrical objects, for example, the optical control of the coding, layout, and plain text on vials or bottles. Multiple ultrafast cameras are used for the omnidirectional detection of the objects. Coded containers with faulty labels or an incorrect auxiliary code are separately ejected from the product flow and stored in lockable containers. ConfigureFast will quickly and easily configure all sub-components, like the printer and camera, from a single interface.

Key Features

  • Integrated 360° camera module for ultra fast inspection (aggregation)
  • Central adjustment unit for easy camera set up
  • Secure product handling and separation of cylindrical objects through side pressing belt for superior printing and inspection results
  • UV Helper code marking with CIJ printer and inspection
  • Validation packets and documentation IQ/OQ, FDS, RA, TM
  • Tool free format change
  • Fastest configuration with ConfigureFast

Your Benefits

  • All-in-one operations concept for quick and easy handling
  • Compact, high-tech, multi-functional unit for optimal productivity
  • High throughput rate of up to 500 pcs/min (300 pcs/min is standard
  • Maximal integration flexibility through modular design

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