Reliable Inspection of filled bottles

The SC-S X-ray scanner with leak detection is specific­ally designed for use in filling lines for the inspection of filled and sealed plastic bottles and cans (e.g. the food and beverage industry).

Leak-tightness is measured in pressurised containers or in containers filled with a protective atmosphere. A market-relevant technology is used depending on the application. This X-ray system, which has no radiation protection curtain, enables optimum product handling, even for tall, slender containers, and high-speed throughput rates of up to 60,000 containers/hour.

Key Features

  • Four application features in one machine
  • Reliable detection of micro-leakages: Holes of 0.1 mm and above are detected
  • Easily integrated in existing lines
  • Modular design enables compact, curtain-less construction
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design in V2A stainless steel
  • Integration of optical inspection on request
  • Optional: Intelligent analysis of all measured values (incl. pressure) for process control and checking

Your Benefits

  • The broadest inspection for maximum productivity and product safety
  • Easy to operate central user interface

The SC-S with leak detection is simply and easily integ­rated in existing filling lines without having to open the transport route. The modular construction of the ­Wipotec X-ray scanners facilitates the fastest possible solutions. Depending on the customer-specific application, ejectors integrated in the machine sort faulty products into lockable rejection bins or convey them upright into a sorting lane.

Inspection options:

  • Leak testing of the container
  • Foreign body detection
  • Filling level check
  • Screw cap or lid check
  • Integration of optical inspection on request

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