Innovation. Passion. First. Our philosophy.

Highest quality without compromise

The Wipotec Group is a leading global provider of intelligent weighing and inspection technology.

Driven by our corporate philosophy “Innovation. Passion. First.”, we develop and produce unique machine solutions and technologies for OEM and end users in a wide range of industries at our head office in Kaiserslautern. As a founder-managed, solid company with 30 years of experience, we value enduring, long-term partnerships and always put our customers first. “First” as in top priority.

Our integrated solutions come from “a single source” and extend along the entire value creation chain from hardware and software development to in-house production with a level of vertical integration exceeding 85% and after-sales service.

“Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany” is a mark of premium quality and customer benefit derived in high-performance applications.

The Group’s success is due to the more than 1,000 employees who demonstrate their passion for technology to our customers on a daily basis.

Two global sales and service companies with over 100 branch offices and distribution partners operate under the umbrella of the Wipotec Group.

With a broad portfolio of checkweighers, X-ray machines, Track & Trace products and innovative systems for the mail and logistics industry, Wipotec serves our global retail business in nine target industries.

Wipotec is the global leader in the integration of EMFR Weigh Cells and kits and, as a result, offers our OEM customers significant competitive advantages.

Weigh Cells

A world leader in the integration of ultra-fast, high-precision EMFR Weigh Cells.

> 20,000

More than 20,000 Wipotec checkweighers are successfully in use worldwide, in the pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, cosmetics and mail and logistics industries, as well as several other industries also.

> 3,000
Track & Trace

Success without borders: to date Wipotec has implemented more than 3,000 Track & Trace projects with pharmaceutical customers all over the world.

Everything under one roof

All Wipotec products and integration solutions are developed in the modern Wipotec parent works in Kaiserslautern and built with the highest engineering skill. High quality and reliability paired with extraordinary performance characteristics and straightforward integration are achieved with the motto "everything from a single source". 

Unique here is the deep vertical integration of 85% due to the coverage of the entire value chain in the software and hardware area from basic research, development through project planning, electronics production, construction and manufacture to sales and service.

Everything combined under a single roof.

This philosophy of short channels is a guarantor for maximum quality control, the rapid application of new innovations, and flexibility in the realisation of your requirements. Irrespective of how unusual your application appears, the motto of our CEO and founder Theo Düppre that "nothing is impossible" drives us to the highest achievements while finding the optimal solution for you.

> 85%
Vertical integration

This is an unusual value, even for the highly specialized German mechanical engineering sector. It is the guarantee of our long-term and comprehensive delivery reliability. We are proud of this record.

> 100
Affiliates & Partners

Our sales and service network of branches and certified affiliates covers the whole world. Wherever you’re based, we offer you manufacturing quality “Made in Germany”.

Alternative Energies

By using alternative energies, Wipotec has cut its CO2 emissions by almost 85%. And, in terms of conventional energy, will be self-sufficient from 2020 onwards.

ISO 9001

Our quality management system is committed to not only meet our customers’ expectation but to exceed them. On an ongoing basis and with the aim of continuously improving performance.

“Nothing is impossible.”

The genius Albert Einstein once said that you can recognize a really good idea by the fact that its implementation seems impossible in the first place. I took this almost philosophical statement and turned it for us into the simple maxim “Nothing is impossible”. I wanted it to express our customer-oriented innovation and our infinite passion for creating new value-added solutions within the Wipotec Group.

— Theo Düppre, CEO and founder of Wipotec

Business to Society

„A company must contribute to the well-being and advancement of society – not just short term but long term.“

– Theo Düppre, CEO

Global head office of the Wipotec

In addition to traditional commercial functions, Wipotec pools basic research, hardware and software development, design, project management and production in a 32,000 sqm skills center with unrivalled vertical integration. For our customers, this guarantees quick-to-implement standard solutions and optimum functionality through customized engineering solutions. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.

Wipotec Production Track & Trace and Checkweighers

Customers visiting Wipotec for the first time are always impressed by the precision, focus and special atmosphere, more akin to a factory, even though the partially synchronized production lines produce significantly large quantities.

Expert Service

With a global service network, Wipotec guarantees its customers fast and proficient handling of initial installation and maintenance, on site assistance at short notice and speedy spare parts delivery. As experts in your field, our experienced service technicians are available to assist you on site, by phone or via online remote services directly at the plant, so that an optimal production process is available again as quickly as possible. As part of our scope of services, we also offer maintenance training for your operators and technicians on our user-friendly machines. This will help you to get the best from your machinery and equipment pool at all times and ensure that you achieve the required range of products on a continuous basis.

The Key to the success.
Our history.

  1. Udo Wagner, Theo Düppre and Haiges Waagenbau

    established Wipotec GmbH in Kaiserslautern. The first business premises were leased. Late 80s: Hanover trade fair. Presentation of the first monoblock Weigh Cell on the Rhineland-Palatinate’s shared stand. Industry starts to notice. Initial orders for electronics for scales and Weigh Cells follow.

  2. Relocation to

    a new 1,200 sqm building in an industrial estate. The company now employs a staff of 30. Performance of development contracts and Weigh Cell production for business associates.

  3. Cooperation with machine manufacturers

    on the production of modules and software for scales. Start of series production for company’s own checkweighers.

  4. Foundation of a sales subsidiary in Schwäbisch Hall

    with a partner. The US Postal Service orders the first catchweighers developed and produced by Wipotec. Establishment of a dedicated machining department.

  5. Setting up of a sales and service office in the USA

    Entry into the pharmaceutical industry with checkweighers. The number of employees doubles to 100 within the next two years.

  6. Expansion of the product range

    by adding dual lane scales and integration of metal detection. The sales subsidiary set up in Schwäbisch Hall in 1996 becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Wipotec.

  7. Delivery of the 1,000th checkweigher

    The UK office is set up. Expansion as a result of new building and new building phases. At year end Wipotec employs more than 100 employees.

  8. Expansion of production areas in Kaiserslautern

    Introduction of a 10-lane checkweigher.The sales subsidiary in Schwäbisch Hall now operates as OCS Checkweighers GmbH.

  9. Expansion

    A branch office is opened in Pero, Italy

  10. Record

    For the first time ever, Wipotec produces more than 2,500 Weigh Cells a year.

  11. Construction and move

    into further new company buildings on site. The branch office in Atlanta, USA, is opened. The world’s fastest MID-approved letter scale is built in Kaiserslautern. Inspection technology is expanded by the addition of X-ray inspection.

  12. Sales exceed …

    … the 50 million euro mark. The Spanish branch office is opened in Barcelona. Introduction of X-ray scanners, combined with checkweighers (Weigh & Ray combined solutions).

  13. 25th anniversary

    Wipotec celebrates its 25th anniversary, the number of employees has grown to more than 350. Further expansion of the operational and production area. 18,000 sqm of underfloor heating operated with geothermal heat from a geothermal energy plant.

  14. China sales office opening

    Import, sales and service of products in the field of Weighing & Inspection Solutions also in Asia.

  15. More than 85 % vertical integration

    Vertical integration at the central production site in Kaiserslautern reaches more than 85 % as a result of the “Everything from a single source” principle. As a rapidly growing global ‘hidden champion’, Wipotec now supplies customers all over the world with weighing and inspection solutions in more than eight target industries, with a growing focus on the market for drug safety (Track & Trace).

  16. New global brand architecture

    Some 500 people now work for Wipotec in Kaiserslautern, bringing the number to more than 700 worldwide. At the beginning of the year, the corporate group adopts a new brand architecture which focuses on the core brand Wipotec. In May, the sales and service organisations, Wipotec Weighing Technology and Wipotec-OCS, appear under a joint umbrella at Interpack in Düsseldorf to face the largest trade fair in their history.

  17. 30th anniversary

    From Kaiserslautern University spin-off to market leader in 30 years. After its foundation in 1988, Wipotec established itself as a global manufacturer for industrial weighing and inspection solutions. Today, more than 1000 Wipotec employees develop and produce world famous weighing systems at one of Rhineland Palatinate’s most important industrial locations.

  18. Open House

    More than 6,000 visitors get a look behind the scenes. Many attractions, product demonstrations, music and great entertainment for children made for an unforgettable experience.

  19. Wipotec Show Truck

    as a replacement for canceled trade fairs due to Covid-19. The subsidiary in Singapore is founded. Opening of the Wipotec-Academy.

  20. New branches

    Opening of new branches in Mexico, Singapore and Australia. Wipotec continues to be the fastest growing medium-sized company in the region. 1200 employees, 850 of them in Kaiserslautern, generated a turnover of €160 million in 2021.

  21. New construction phase

    The academy, which was completed in 2020, is currently building urgently needed machinery for the pharmaceutical industry (Corona vaccines). With an additional 10,000 sqm from three newly planned construction phases, Wipotec will grow to 48,000 sqm of production space.

What tells you more about us than a list of customers?

Sustainable – of course!

This has always been a given for us so we don’t intend to make a big deal of it. All we will say is this: We have always followed up our ideas with action. So, around 70 % of the production site’s requirements are supplied from its own alternative energy sources such as solar (own solar park). For example, we heat almost 18,000 square meters of floors with geothermal energy from a geothermal energy plant that we operate on our company site. In the summer, this same system ensures optimum operating temperatures and cools the office buildings and production halls. And we are as ambitious now as we were when we started out. In the coming years, our aim is to achieve complete self-sufficiency.

E-mobility – shared happiness

We think that e-mobility is still used far too rarely. For this reason, we extended our fleet of vehicles by a station with two charging bays and of course the appropriate vehicle – a Smart car. Supplied with renewable electricity from our nearby solar park, it takes our colleagues quietly from A to B. And because we think that shared happiness is twice the happiness, we have also provided the University of Kaiserslautern with an electric vehicle too. We believe that if we are already doing research together on the topic of e-mobility, then everyone should start on the same footing.


A big heart for technology – and children!

We are proud that since 2014 we have had the first company-owned day care center for children in Kaiserslautern. For us, social responsibility is not just a buzzword but something that we should put into practice. A total of 55 children, including children under two and children with disabilities, attend the inclusive day care center and are cared for by a team of professionals. Our commitment, however, does not stop at very young children: we also like to participate in charitable and community-supported sports events and we support educational projects in schools and universities. Is Wipotec on your list of dream employers? Then just take a look at all the things we can do for your kids at our day care center. See way.

Talent promotion – of course!

As a medium-sized company, we are particularly interested in the next generation. Our “Wipotec Talents” program incorporates regional commitment in the talent promotion: whether that means exclusive sponsorship of the U19 Bundesliga performance squad “Team Wipotec” of the Rhineland-Palatinate cycling association, or providing gifted students with grants as part of the Deutschlandstipendium, a National Scholarship Program, and the financing of MINT school programs. It’s a cause close to all our hearts. And if it increases the number of people who become enthusiastic about math (M), IT (I), natural sciences (N) and technology (T), then in our eyes it’s the best way to attract young people. Has this made you curious? Then just take a look at the specially created information area.

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