Everything under one roof

All products and integration solutions are developed at Wipotec’s modern main facility in Kaiserslautern and are constructed to the highest engineering standards. High quality and reliability, together with exceptional performance characteristics and straightforward integration, are achieved based on the motto “Everything from a single source”.

A unique feature here is the high level of vertical integration of 85 % covering the entire value chain in the software and hardware sector from basic research, development through project planning, electronics production, design and manufacturing to sales and service.

Everything under one roof.

This philosophy of short distances guarantees maximum quality control, rapid application of innovations, and flexibility in realizing your requirements. No matter how unusual your application appears, the motto of our CEO and founder Theo Düppre “nothing is impossible” drives us to the highest achievements while finding the optimal solution for you.


The importance of innovative strength in our daily activities is demonstrated, for example, in the field of electronics manufacturing. We now produce more than 350 electronic printed board assemblies in our in-house electronics production section.

Producing our own control systems and PCs, displays or camera systems for X-ray or Track & Trace allows us to respond flexibly to almost any customer request when designing a Weigh Cell and to keep specific technical requirements in mind. Our demands are similarly high with regard to in-house machining. We can produce more than 40 kinds of monoblocks to implement the Weigh Cell you specify, exactly as you need it.

Our qualitative and quantitative standards are high – we now produce more than 9,000 different components and parts in our plant. And the trend is growing. These are innovative product and integration solutions which are developed on a daily basis at our main plant in Kaiserslautern and built with great respect for high-quality German engineering.

Heart of all technologies: our Weigh Cells. Designed according to the principle of electromagnetic force restoration, it is the EMFR Weigh Cells that customers the world over appreciate for precise results during demanding static and dynamic weighing tasks. We are happy to help if you, too, would like an appreciative partner to implement your technical ideas promptly and without cross-dependencies.

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