Track and Trace Applications for Product and Supply Chain Protection

Full-scale Track and Trace forms the basis for enhanced consumer protection from falsified or diverted products. The technology is offering manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors a systematic approach to detect counterfeiting and control product diversion. End-to-end Track and Trace enables knowledge about the physical location of a particular product within a supply chain at any point in time.

It also allows recording of historical data regarding product movement and time spent at each stage, as well as packaging information. Various industries apply this technology with the goal of protecting brands and consumers from counterfeiting, as well as grey markets. Full Track and Trace involves the implementation of both serialisation and aggregation solutions into packaging lines and corporate IT systems.

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The problems with counterfeit cosmetics and product diversion are leading brand owners to take firm action to protect consumers and their brand name. Despite the various technologies on the market, serialisation is one of the most effective. In the process of serialisation, each product receives a unique serial number at the point of manufacture. This number allows to monitor the product along the entire supply chain.

Although cosmetics and makeup packaging often have minimal space for serialisation marking, the advanced technology of Wipotec can solve even this challenge. We understand that the design and look of cosmetic packaging are very important to marketing and branding needs of your product.

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With food fraud rising at an alarming speed, more and more food manufacturers are deploying traceability solutions to protect their products by improving supply chain transparency.

Additionally, an effective traceability system enables agile and efficient recall management, greater control over a stock situation and enhanced production management. Find out more about deploying a food traceability system, its components and benefits for food manufacturing companies.

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Agrochemical companies apply Track and Trace solutions to comply with CRISTAL Guidelines to safeguard legality and authenticity of agricultural pesticides retailed. Application of Track and Trace technology in the field of agrochemicals ensures product integrity, enhanced supply chain transparency, as well as protection against grey market imports.

Would you like to know more about the application of Wipotec serialisation solutions for your packaging needs?

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Medical Devices

The EU, US and other countries worldwide require Unique Device Identification (UDI) for medical devices. However, the lack of standardisation between the country-specific regulations poses a significant challenge for medical device manufacturers and labellers that are preparing their products for distribution in different markets.

Find out about UDI implementation from the global perspective and how the application of flexible coding and serialisation technology can help you achieve UDI compliance across different countries and regions.

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Counterfeit tobacco can cause serious damage to your customers' health and your company's reputation. By deploying TQS serialisation and traceability technology, you empower your customers to authenticate your brand products prior to purchasing.

Furthermore, data-driven insights about the product journey can help your company mitigate the risks of product mislabelling and illicit trade. Request more information about our latest solutions and their application in your industry.

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Cannabis products

As cannabis gains a stronger foothold in the market, protecting your products against tampering and counterfeiting is highly critical. Additionally, as a manufacturer, you are faced with evolving packaging safety rules and traceability regulations. Tackling these challenges is not an easy task.

However, with our flexible traceability solutions and wide-ranging experience with regulatory compliance projects, we will support you in achieving compliance and quickly adapting to meet the ever-changing rules and requirements.

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Luxury goods

When purchasing luxury accessories and goods such as watches, perfumes, fur or high-end fashion, shoppers want to feel confident that the products they are buying are authentic. Ease their minds and strengthen brand loyalty by letting them check product information using digital barcodes with globally unique serial numbers. This way, your customers and supply chain partners can quickly recognise counterfeit or diverted products by tracing the product history and checking its authenticity.

Additionally, advanced Track and Trace technology can enable real-time tracking of products, which allows illegal activities such as product diversion to be detected before it is too late. Contact us to find out more about the technology, its specific benefits and implementation options in your production lines.

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Minimise recalls and maximise revenues by preventing product counterfeiting, tampering and parallel imports. Serialisation, traceability and proper coding are critical not only for premium alcoholic drinks but also for the beverage industry in general. Although high-priced drinks are especially lucrative targets for product forgers, any product can be affected and require better protection through advanced digital coding and tracking.

Our globally successful TQS systems enable serialisation and labelling of a wide range of bottle types to help you assure the authenticity of your beverages and enhance end-to-end supply chain visibility. Find out more in a free consultation with our experts.

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Consumer Electronics

Reverse-engineering and clever counterfeiting techniques make it possible to produce fake consumer electronics and electronic parts that are hard to differentiate from the originals.

Counterfeits that imitate branded products dilute the market while cutting the market share for high-value electronic manufacturers and harming their reputation. As a manufacturer, you can protect your brand and regain control over the situation by implementing product authentication technology and end-to-end traceability.

Request a free consultation, and we will help you to find an adequate solution to meet your specific goals.

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Light Industry

Detecting counterfeit items in the light industry has never been more difficult. Fake items are often unrecognisable to the naked eye, and their inferior quality is not revealed until days after the purchase had been made.

Fake goods sold under your brand name can confuse your customers, leaving them disappointed. Leveraging digital codes, serialisation and traceability technology can help you protect your products and increase customer engagement, interest and brand value. By providing consumers with accurate product information, you can build trust and consumer brand preference.

Contact us and we will assess your current situation and suggest different options how you can protect your brand by deploying modern Track and Trace technology and serialisation.

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The rise of e-commerce makes it possible to buy even car tyres online, which makes it easier for counterfeiters to operate. Unfortunately, even experienced drivers struggle to tell the difference between original and fake tyres with substandard rubber.

To secure a market-leading position and strengthen customer confidence in your brand, it is necessary to provide your buyers and supply chain partners with the ability to authenticate your products. You can enable this process by deploying state-of-the-art Track and Trace technology.

Find out more about the deployment of Track and Trace and serialisation to secure and authenticate your products. Request a free consultation to get expert advice based on your specific goals and production conditions.

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