Serialization Pharma: Meeting the global serialisation requirements

The national regulations on the serialisation of drugs are possibly the most important criteria in the global marketing of pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceutical solutions. Optimum implementation requires complete and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the relevant obligations for pharma serialisation.

A large number of global projects have shown that it is in this context that too often avoidable planning mistakes are made that can often only be corrected with high expenditure and a large amount of time.

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EU directive on serialisation pharma

The EU Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU enforced on February 9, 2019 stipulates that the manufacturer must provide pharmaceuticals with several safety features.

The EU Directive on the Serialisation of Medicinal Products aims to guarantee complete authenticity verification and effectively curb the occurrence of falsified medicinal products on the market.

For producers of pharmaceuticals this means that anyone not complying with the requirements for pharma serialisation cannot sell medicinal products on the European market.

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US DSCSA deadline requirements

Implementation of the serialisation obligation came in even earlier in the USA than in the EU.

Since many national pharmaceutical manufacturers could not meet the very tight deadline by the end of 2017 and there were threats of a supply shortage, the FDA had postponed the deadline by a year.

Find out now what conditions will have to be met in the USA.

Why you should opt for the pharmaceutical serialisation solution from Wipotec

  • All key functions for the serialisation of drugs in a compact area
  • Fastest possible commissioning of the Track & Trace systems within six weeks
  • Smooth integration in existing production lines thanks to open interfaces
  • Lifetime software updates and maintenance free of charge
  • Best advice thanks to our networking with decision-makers and experts on the international serialisation guidelines
  • Whole system comes from a single source which we develop and produce on site

Meet country-specific serialisation requirements without losses in production efficiency:

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Expert Know-How at Wipotec – Always Up-To-Date

Wipotec is very well positioned globally. With more than 100 branch offices and partner companies, we are very close to pharmaceutical customers and CMOs (Contract Manufacturing Organisations) on the sales and service side. Thanks to our broad Track & Trace portfolio, many doors open up to us worldwide, benefitting not least our customers.

We concentrate here on participating in working groups of the VDMA (Protect-ing) and on our status as a solution partner for GS1 Germany. Together with GS1, we work out solutions for implementing pharma serialisation smoothly and in compliance with regulations. Our international activities also provide our customers with additional benefits. These are, for example, our active participation in the GS1 Global Healthcare User Group and our founding membership of the steering committee in the Open-SCS Working Group.

Our active participation in a large number of national and international associations and groups means that we are always on the ball and able to pass on the latest developments and findings regarding serialisation in the pharmaceutical industry to our customers.

Use the expert know-how of Wipotec

  • Extensive experience thanks to 3,000 successful Track & Trace projects
  • Premium partner of GS1 in the field of serialisation pharma and member of the Open-SCS Working Group
  • Premium engineering for high performance – 100% German workmanship and engineering at the highest level
  • Complete Track & Trace solution for all global requirements and regulations, reliable and future-proof
  • Open solution with standard interfaces for leading level 3 suppliers
  • Modular, scalable and easily integrated into existing lines
  • Excellent services

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Compact Serialization Pharma Solution for Greater Drug Safety

Serialisation machines print drug packages with the necessary codes for serialisation: Depending on the guideline, these are machine-readable matrix codes or alphanumeric character strings. The Track & Trace systems of Wipotec, however, can contribute more towards serialisation than simply printing and verifying codes.

They weigh the pharmaceutical product on the same installation surface and thus carry out a completeness check. The individual packages are additionally packaged so as to be tamper-evident. The TQS can also perform aggregation, that is the documented combination of product packages into larger packs (bundles, shipping boxes, and cases through to pallets).

This ensures complete serialisation at every level. Pharmaceutical products require some of the most expensive production areas in the world. As a result, the machines to be installed have to make do with minimum space even when machines are replaced. Aim to be achieved: more functionality in the same space.

The serialisation solutions from Wipotec provide up to four key functions for the serialisation of drugs in a compact area:

  • Serialisation: Generating, applying and verifying serial numbers and codes.
  • Applying country-specific vignettes and labels provides maximum flexibility when printing
  • Completeness check using weight acquisition
  • Tamper-evident: Tamper-proof sealing of individual packages

The world’s most compact pharma serialisation machine!

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TQS Fast Track – Implement fully automated serialisation solutions within 6 weeks

The serialisation of pharmaceuticals is highly strategic and is assigned a key role in the production environment. It ultimately depends on this whether a product is saleable at all. A completely controlled production flow can still fail right up to the last stage in the product design process, possibly the palletising of individual boxes prior to shipping.

Since February 2019, pharmaceutical companies in the EU have had to serialise their products in accordance with the EU Directive. They therefore had less than two years to implement a serialisation solution. For the US market, the deadline was set for November 2018 – American pharmaceutical companies had to comply with the requirements of the DSCSA guidelines by then. This is where best practice from Wipotec comes into play. We provide standardised serialisation machines which perform the greatest possible number of required market- and manufacturer-specific functions.

Pre-engineering thus enables a lead time of six weeks. The delivery and configuration of an open XML interface which is included in all Track & Trace TQS solutions allows serialisation machines to be installed and commissioned in the shortest time possible. The solutions from Wipotec are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to achieve timely compliance with guidelines on the serialisation obligation. As a result, there is hardly any faster way to meet the international requirements for serialisation in the pharmaceutical industry while at the same time avoiding proprietary stand-alone solutions.

TQS Fast Track- the fast response to tight serialisation deadlines

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Supplier independence due to highly flexible serialisation software solution with open interfaces

TQS stands for the open communication approach of the Track & Trace solutions from Wipotec. The Traceable Quality System underscores our philosophy of supporting the healthcare industry to satisfy global guidelines on serialisation in the pharma sector in the best way possible.

The open interfaces of the TQS solutions enable the flexible use of products from different manufacturers and thus avoid so-called vendor lock-in. The interoperability standards created as a result permit data exchange and collaboration across many systems.

This approach gives you the flexibility to choose and apply the vendor solutions that you need in order to respond to different requirements in pharma serialisation, production and packaging.

These open solutions avoid issues caused by involuntary manufacturer dependencies, such as the risk of production losses due to delayed software adaptations or difficulties in responding to changing regulations.

TQS Line Manager - open interfaces for avoiding lock-ins

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The certain EXTRA: that makes pharma serialisation with Wipotec so unique

So along with the open system interface, it is not only the very short delivery times for best practice serialisation machines or the options for universal integration into other packaging machines which are the key benefits of the complete Track & Trace solutions from Wipotec.

The fact that the overall system originates from a single source, is built in a single location and is controlled via a single interface is at least equally important. In addition to serialisation parameters, it is possible to detect other product attributes such as weight and code quality for a truly unique selling point. All attributes can be stored together with the serial number (TQS Traceability+).

Outstanding features of Track & Trace TQS: Free software updates

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Less obvious, and therefore all the more noteworthy, is the fact that we charge no fees for software updates and maintenance. We ensure that the software of your Wipotec machines is always up-to-date so that you easily comply with the country-specific guidelines on the serialisation of pharmaceuticals even if they change.

This additional unique selling point of TQS is a significant cost benefit at a time when new catalogues of measures and legislative adaptations in the field of serialisation pharma cannot be ruled out.

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