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Dynamic weighing systems in which the object to be shipped is transported to a special Weigh Cell by means of a belt require a certain design. For reasons of space or cost, the systems are mounted on steel platforms which are several metres above the ground. This is the only way to ensure that the escape and driving routes necessary in modern sorting centres remain usable.

The complexity of such systems, however, also involves certain risks regarding the reliability of the weighing results which are often affected by undesirable vibrations. It's for this reason that Wipotec has developed Active Vibration Compensation (AVC). This technology uses intelligent algorithms to guarantee exact measurements every time, regardless of external influences.

Disruptive factors in sorting centres: Why vibrations are often unavoidable

In ideal circumstances, dynamic weighing systems can be mounted directly on the concrete at floor level. In many sorting centres, however, this space is needed for internal freight traffic which (for reasons including safety) relies on clear routes. Essential machines therefore end up on raised work platforms which again are mounted by vertical steel supports.

In this respect, vibrations are unavoidable, as such constructions are particularly sensitive to many of the regular work processes: It is inevitable that disruptive vibrations will occur when a parcel is transported at high speed by weighing belts which are several metres off the ground. On the other hand, the measured values may be distorted even if the platforms are decoupled, as operating the sorters results in further vibrations.

Sustained vibrations present a major challenge to catchweighers of any kind as they interfere with the weighing accuracy of the scales. So, put your trust in AVC, the innovative vibration compensation technology from Wipotec which you can use to minimise the effect of such disruptive factors without the need for costly conversions.

Get in touch with our team at the planning phase and we'll help you to determine the best possible position for your scales (including the AVC module) from the outset. Incidentally, we have developed the D-Box from Wipotec specifically for this purpose.

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How the AVC module works

AVC relies on an active vibration compensation system designed exclusively by Wipotec and perfected specifically for catchweighers. This module contains two separate Weigh Cells which work together to isolate various interference signals. The end result does not include any vibrations caused by the platforms or sorters. All that remains is the actual weight of the parcels.

With an AVC module, your systems will therefore operate within the specified calibration values at all times without compromising the transport speed. These results are made possible using electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR) which is only available in the weighing systems of Wipotec. Thanks to EMFR each of our catchweighers works wear-free, needs no maintenance and has an interface for AVC.

You can find out more about how our technology works in an e-paper available for download at the bottom of this page.

Determine the potential for improving weighing accuracy in advance

Our experts have developed the D-Box, a unique mobile diagnostic system, to spot possible improvements in weighing accuracy that can be achieved with AVC technology. The innovative tool analyses the influence of vibrations and other parameters, such as throughput rates, speed, type of conveyor belts and preferred consignment sizes, on the weighing results.

Our software then determines the accuracy or calibration values for scales with or without AVC and reliably compares the results with each other. Our specialists carry out this analysis on the spot on a laptop connected to the D-Box. You don't have to do a thing. Your company's decision-makers can then use the measurements of the D-Box to work out the weighing system suitable for your specific application and its ideal positioning.

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Achieving competitive advantages with AVC

For companies whose business model is based on the smooth operation of sorting systems or freight centres, there are several economic arguments in favour of using AVC.

First of all, companies in these industries have to consider legal requirements which mean that weighing systems must be calibrated and verified. The precision of the weighing results achieved with the aid of AVC not only helps to comply with these targets but at the same time saves significantly on costs and effort by avoiding penalties.

Incorrect invoicing of transport charges is also associated with various, sometimes hidden, costs. Consignments are recorded regularly with a lower weight if the AVC module does not filter out certain interference signals. In these cases, instead of the transport goods being invoiced within the correct, more expensive category, as the carrier, you stand to lose potential profit.

These additional revenues can amount to several thousand euros a day in the parcel sector.

AVC Scales as an Investment in the Future

Whether classic double scales or DWS systems, all dynamic weighing solutions from Wipotec can be equipped with AVC. CEP service providers in the courier, express and parcel sector in particular will benefit significantly from installing the module: The EMFR-based active vibration compensation technology (AVC) is extremely robust at all transport speeds and is also not susceptible to breakdown.

So, if you're thinking about optimising your processes to expand your own capacities even further, it's worth restructuring with AVC. Combined with the rapid advance of e-commerce, there is incredible potential for growth. Internationally recognised major players have relied on Active Vibration Compensation in their daily business for some time now.

If you would like to receive further information about installing an AVC module or even find out more about which mechanical layout causes the least vibrations when using steel platforms, then simply take a look at our e-paper on the subject of AVC.

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