Flawless! Highly precise weighing and inspection technology for the cosmetics sector

Irrespective of whether you deal with decorative cosmetics, liquid shampoo, paper hygiene or hair spray in your cosmetics production – you will find Wipotec to be a preferred partner for the quality control of your products. The highly precise weigh cells and checkweighers determine the weight of your packed products at lightning speed. Handling cylindrical products or products that fall over easily is also not a problem thanks to the advanced conveyor and product handling technology. Our inspection technology ensures the necessary product safety is maintained and safeguards the sustained trust of your customers. The modularity of the solutions allow a fast and seamless integration into your lines.

Find out more about the range of applications of Wipotec weighing and inspection technology in the cosmetics industry or discover the right machine for your individual application now!

  • Highest throughputs with precise weighing technology
  • Guaranteed product safety due to reliable high end inspection technology
  • Comprehensive quality assurance thanks to complete documentation
  • Flexible and easy integration due to compact and modular design

A must have for cosmetics production: High-precision weighing results

Does your cosmetics production require weighing cells with the highest accuracy and at the same time an extremely high level of responsiveness? Do you also value excellent long-term stability, fast settling times and outstanding linearity in measured value acquisition? Our Weigh Cells meet not only the technical requirements, we also guarantee their use under the highest hygienic requirements or in all classes of cleanrooms.

As a result of our high-quality production, we guarantee your product safety as well as end-user safety.

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Modular Multilane Systems compensate vibrations all along the line.

Are vibrations and shocks commonplace in your routine daily production? The design of our Modular Multilane System (MMS) means that we can do a lot to improve stability and ensure exact measured values in your routine production. On request, our Modular Multilane Systems also come with state-of-the-art Active Vibration Compensation. You benefit from this wherever you need high cycle times and exact weighing results in equal measure. You also benefit because, in the majority of cases, there is no need for a separate weigher frame when using a Modular Multilane System solution such as this. As a result, you have the advantage not only of precise weighing results in an extremely efficient production environment, but also of a small installation footprint.

The number of lanes you install will depend entirely on your production requirements.In any case, we will provide you with the basic modules you need which can have a flexible number of slots.When selecting your EMFR Weigh Cells, you can choose between the SX-M-FS, SL-M-FS and SW-M-FS types in combination with our Modular Multilane System.To make installation as easy and efficient as possible, the electronic modules for Weigh Cells, AVC sensor and communication are expandable and communicate with all the usual field bus systems.

FDA:We are familiar with your obligations

It is part of our quality management that we act strictly according to GMP guidelines when producing your Weigh Cells for the regulated environment. Your production is only as compliant as the smallest of your components – the Weigh Cell. To achieve this, all manufacturing steps – from design to production – are designed in line with GMP and represent measurable quality for both us and you. Your engineers will recognize this in the design of our Weigh Cells which are produced according to hygienic design standards and are also easy to calibrate.

Validation, high-quality documentation and GMP conformity all ensure that our Weigh Cells are easy to use in your company and will also deliver the best weighing results and therefore a smooth production process for you.

Increasing your productivity with Wipotec Checkweighers

Packages with the incorrect weight are detected, documented and automatically rejected from the product flow. For complete line optimisation, our feedback control feature improves line efficiency. Product configuration changes due to new production orders. Connected nominal weights are undertaken within the shortest time by making simple entries on the clearly laid-out touchscreen control panel.

The pre-package directive applies to all sectors including production and packaging of cosmetic articles. Regulation states that all packages must contain their nominal filling quantity. This helps not only to maintain profitability but also brand loyalty through sustained customer satisfaction. Our dynamic weighing solutions determine the weight of your products to the milligram, ensuring the package always contains the correct quantity whilst also fully documenting the entire weighing process.

Our checkweighers with “Wipotec weigh cells inside” acquire the weight of a product within a millisecond – this ensures a high degree of adaptability to the speed of your filling station. Depending on the product's shape and size, throughputs up to 650 pieces per minute are possible. Active Vibration Compensation technology (AVC) filters out interfering vibration from the measured result, such that all minimum weight deviations are accurately displayed.

Safe handling of even the smallest product formats

The conveyor belts ensure the safe handling of your products at high speed through the lateral side grip conveyors, top-down conveyors and infeed screws. Even the smallest and lightest packages such as vials, ampoules or cosmetic samples can be accurately weighed. The perfect product for ultra light objects is our HC-A-MI providing new possibilities in quality assurance for sensitive products due to its automated 100% monitoring.

Small package sizes often require the use of high performance multi-track checkweighers, for instance typical products like stick packs or four-sided sealed bags. High precision weight measurements with individual display are provided for each track. Multi-track units are custom made, developed and manufactured meeting your individual application requirements.

What can Wipotec do for Cosmetics?

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Specialised weighing of cylindrical objects

Products such as deodorants or hairspray are normally filled in cylindrical cans and bottles of varying size. In some cases, the slender, high containers fall over very easily– therefore it is imperative to avoid irregular or jerking belt movements. Thanks to the revolving star technology in our checkweighers, cylindrical packages are weighed inline without anything falling over. A star wheel with format-specific pockets picks up the containers as they arrive and rotates them over the weigh cell. Packages with the wrong weight are also detected, ejected and documented. Our HC-A-IS series with revolving star accompaniment offers up to 400 weighing operations per minute. The replacement of the revolving star for a format or product change only requires a few actions and can be undertaken easily and safely within five minutes.

Reliable metal detection for flawless products

The reliable detection of foreign bodies is also important in cosmetics production to ensure customer satisfaction. For instance, during the manufacturing of nappies it is imperative to check for any metal chips and to guarantee the continued trust of your end customers. Our reliable metal detectors identify undesirable metal objects at lightning speed and eject packages or individual products affected from the product flow. If no foreign contaminants are found, the metal detector can also perform completeness checks on all elements.

Wipotec high precision checkweighers can be combined with extremely sensitive metal detection. Both inspection functionalities are available in a space saving unit and are operated out of one HMI, known for its great user experience and ease of use. The ejection of undesirable products is still separate, such that you always have an overview of possible irregularities. With the aid of the complete documentation, you can easily identify the sources of errors in production. Our metal detectors have the option of being a stand-alone solution and integrate perfectly into your production line.

Our goal: best integration, best performance

The modular systems from Wipotec can be used for practically any application. They can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production line and can be combined with other high-tech units if necessary. Thanks to the high vertical range of manufacture of Wipotec solutions at our mother company Wipotecs production plants, we tailor our machines exactly to your application needs. Profit from our decades of experience and exploit our great versatility!

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