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Customized solutions for reliable product marking and effective vision inspection

In most industries, marking products is one of the most important end-of-line stages. In particular perishable food or, for example, medicines, for which special regulations apply, must be marked with the corresponding data at the place of manufacture to ensure that they are clearly identified and thus traceable at all points of the entire supply chain.

But even basic information may not be omitted. In many cases, a best before date is mandatory, and batch numbers or pioneering 2D codes also facilitate internal and external processes substantially. Finally, customers should always receive exactly the product they want.

So, the print quality must be adequate and the data must still be legible for humans or machines after marking. Wipotec’s Traceable Quality System TQS includes the associated module for verification purposes. Instead of offering individual components, we offer a perfectly coordinated system, which includes features for marking and verification as well as for checkweighing or ejection.

You know what you need, but at the same time you want to be equipped to meet future demands? The solution is to take advantage of the modularity offered by TQS. We offer reliable solutions to mark, weigh and verify your products. Decide for yourself about the scope:

TQS offers you flexibility.

Presentation of TQS basic configuration

Here you see our standalone solution for marking and verification in operation. This system is frequently used to print best-before dates or batch-specific information (plain text or code) on folding boxes. In the video, Volker Ditscher presents this specific example as well as the other options offered by TQS. For example, complete serialization of your products can be achieved with a simple upgrade.

In the basic configuration, the system shown already includes a thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer, a camera, scales and ejector. All these modules are controlled by a central interface that is intuitive to use. This gives you an extremely compact system that operates as a standalone unit measuring only 1,000 mm in length. If, however, you prefer integration as an alternative to our standalone solution, you can also easily add our modules to existing machines. With Wipotec, it’s your choice.

Marking and verification with TQS – Your advantages

Reliable verification: Verification is performed using state-of-the-art cameras that digitize the fresh printing. Errors in marking are detected and are recorded by the system. If necessary, an additional module rejects defective goods immediately downstream. As a result, extensive product recalls owing to illegible or inaccurate product marking are avoided. In any event, the impending incorporation of 2D codes on packaging requires these control procedures. A verification module now becomes a vital component of the system.

Immediately operational: With TQS, the coordination of individual features is a thing of the past. As equal components of an optimized system, the camera and printer, for example, communicate with each other without delay. If you rearrange the layout, the software sends all necessary information directly to both modules. This means that the camera knows right from the start which data has to be checked, and there is no need for time-consuming teach-in. For the user, this data can also be viewed in real time on the user interface or simply retrieved later.

Maximum flexibility: The previously presented basic configuration with the central elements for printing, verification and weighing can be supplemented with further modules as desired.. When processing food, for example, a metal detector also detects foreign bodies in the product subsequent to marking. As a result, TQS works across all industries – for large shipping boxes as well as narrow pouches – and thus covers a wide range of packaging types and product dimensions.

Quick setup: With years of experience as an industry leader, we know the biggest challenges in the production process. Often, avoidable interruptions to ongoing processes cost the most time and are thus most costly. TQS is designed specifically to minimize the effort required for commissioning. No complex coordination of separate components, no often inaccurate communication between different companies. A technician connects a single system. And you’re done. We will connect the system for you on site speedily and will continue to be available to answer any questions or address any other concerns you may have. In this respect, you only need one service partner for the entire system for marking, verifying and weighing, who also offers speedy intervention in case of an emergency. Everything from a single source – that’s Wipotec’s philosophy.

High-quality printing: At Wipotec, we claim to achieve always the best quality for our customers. Product marking that meets these standards can only be guaranteed using highly accurate printing equipment. Inkjet, laser, thermal transfer or even RFID, after filling or at the end of the packaging line, before or after the other modules, at the back or at the front – TQS handles all these options.

Block House Butchery

“We must ensure 100 % that the product we place on the market is fully and correctly marked.”

— Jörg Jablonski, General Manager for Production and Technology

TQS: Marking, weighing, verification and ejection – all in a single system!

The entry-level TQS configuration comprises five modules for optimal markings with subsequent checking of the results. In this sequence, the product will pass through the different stations in a fraction of a second:

  1. The Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printing system offering fast, clean and reliable marking at maximum resolution
  2. One or more cameras with flexible installation positions
  3. Ejection of inadequately marked packagings
  4. A high speed Weigh Cell to verify the weight and completeness
  5. Connected by several belts for product transport, which as part of the system coordinate changes in speed or product dimensions much better

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In addition, a clear 19-inch display is always included with TQS. The operator can make all settings directly on the system via touchscreen. Using our in-house ConfigureFast software, operation is simple and extremely user-friendly, requiring no additional tools even for extensive configurations or frequent product changes.

Our TQS e-paper contains additional information on batch-specific coding plus an overview of the technical details:

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Transport Module
Mark & Verify: (Ink, Optical Inspection)


  • Ink
  • Laser
  • Thermotransfer


  • Optical Inspection
Sorting & Rejection
TQS Core Module
Print & Apply
Serialization Software
Metal Detector

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Modular Marking & Labeling Systems

The modular concept of the Traceable Quality System allows us to adapt it to an extremely wide range of requirements. Depending on the product’s size, shape, weight and speed, we simply combine the according modules. Our customers therefore receive a solution that is perfectly tailored to their individual needs. This commitment does not end when the components are mounted. Instead, all functions are fully integrated in one holistic system. The result is that the operator only has to deal with one central user interface. Product changes, article setup and layout modifications thus become minimally error-prone and maximally user-friendly.

We will adapt the system to our customers’ requirements. From checkweighing over mark and verify, metal detection, labeling, up to full serialization and aggregation – every function is integrated. Even if there is existing equipment in use and we supplement it with our integration kits, our customer will have an aligned system and not just unrelated components.

With a variety of handling modules at disposal, the system will easily adjust to most product dimensions and packaging types. Whether it is made to fit directly after the filler or at the end of the packaging line, the result is that only 100% verified products move forward in the process.

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