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Optical Inspection – The Game

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Manufacturers often invest significant manual effort at the end of the line to ensure product quality. The product's perfect labeling, correct positioning of labels, and proper cap closure are all inspected – relying on the human eye. This game challenges you to eject all faulty products and compare your results with our fully automatic TQS solution.

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Traceable Quality System

At the end of the line, manufacturers often still inspect with a lot of manual effort: is the product labelled perfectly? Has the label been positioned correctly? Are all the caps closed correctly? The Traceable Quality System not only performs these checks more efficiently, but also more reliably. High-precision cameras provide the software with all the information it needs to evaluate presence, color, position, angle and shape, and even to check content such as codes or human readable text. Depending on the camera position, it inspects, for example, the area of the cap and sealing ring, the embossing or the label. Thanks to its modular design, the system's scope of functions can be tailored to a wide range of individual requirements. All functions are fully integrated and operated via one central control unit. This holistic approach applies to all available modules, from the checkweigher and the labeler to serialized marking.

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