Wipotec Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kundenzufriedenheitsumfrage bei WIPOTEC

Very good results for product quality and our employees’ competence

Every other year, we assess our global customers’ satisfaction with our products and our service, taking into account various criteria. This survey gives us a very good insight into our customers’ experiences with and their expectations of Wipotec.

Around 1000 customers from all business areas were asked to rate us in this year’s customer satisfaction survey. These customers had purchased our products or services in the past 12 months. Despite the survey’s usual overall response rate, we would like to attract even more returns from our global customers in future.

On a predefined scale of 1 to 5, the final customer satisfaction score was 3.8. This signifies a slight decrease since the last survey, but it is still a good top quarter value and is an incentive for us to achieve an improvement in the next survey. Significantly, our product quality and advanced technology as well as our employees’ competence achieved very good scores. This tells us that our company motto “Innovation, Passion, First” is also something that our customers experience.

Our customers would like to see improvements in relation to pricing and delivery times. We gladly accept this assessment, knowing that high-quality inspection technology has a certain price and that supply processes and chains are under pressure in the current global market environment.

To maintain and increase satisfaction, we will keep on improving our customer relationship management. To achieve this, we will focus on measures to perform our services even faster. This specific customer feedback allows our employees to interact with our customers in an even more targeted manner.

We wish to sincerely thank all participants who have taken the time to complete the survey and also thank all our customers for their loyalty.

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