Labeling Shipping Cases

The more tasks combined, the easier the process.

The modular concept of the Traceable Quality System allows us to adapt it to an extremely wide range of requirements. Depending on the product’s size, shape, weight and speed, we simply combine the according modules. Our customers therefore receive a solution that is perfectly tailored to their individual needs. This commitment does not end when the components are mounted. Instead, all functions are fully integrated in one holistic system. The result is that the operator only has to deal with one central user interface. Product changes, article setup and layout modifications thus become minimally error-prone and maximally user-friendly.

At first glance one might think that big boxes like shipping cartons require a completely different system. But we only adapt the product handling modules to a larger dimension and can accommodate to this process step. As those cases mostly carry individual information for serialization, aggregation or shipping, we engage the Track & Trace module for this application.

Key Features

  • Labeling
  • Print & apply
  • Verifying
  • Weighing
  • Upgradeable to full serialization

Your benefits

  • One system
  • One user interface
  • One contact
  • One service partner
  • Unlimited options

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