Meter Weight Scale: Precise and reliable determination of tire treads

We developed the HC-MWS based on the special requirements of our tire producing customers. Its core task is to determine the tire tread’s weight per meter. As a specialist for weighing solutions, we are performing this task with extraordinary precision and reliability. Our expertise in dynamic weighing results in a solution that provides you with data that will allow you to significantly increase the quality of your production and reduce waste to a minimum.

The special patented calibration process of the HC-MWS ensures that you can rely on the data you receive. Based on this information you can then eject low quality pieces from the process.

Thanks to its vibration compensation feature, the HC-MWS determines weights with highest precision even in rough environments – without having to adjust the foundation.

Key Features

  • High precision weighing with EMFR technology
  • Identifies deviations with maximum accuracy
  • Reliably determines meter weight values so that you can remove underweight and overweight parts from the process
  • Maintains a safe process through dedicated calibration
  • Single lane version for tread
  • Dual lane version for side walls – flexible to combine both lanes for tread
  • Vibration compensation

Your Benefits

  • Increasing product quality
  • Reducing waste

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