Wash Down Checkweighers for Cylindrical Products

For unstable cylindrical products - High-speed in-line weigh control

The HC-A-IS-WD provides a reliable and robust checkweigher in an innovative, hygienic wash-down design for fully automatic weight control for use in fi lling plants (e.g. in the food and beverage industry). The indexing star wheel system enables optimal product handling for high, slim containers (aerosol cans, plastic and glass bottles, etc.) and ensures fast, precise in-line weight control. 

The easy exchangeable star wheel handles product transfer, product transportation within the weighing unit and the return transportation to the production line. Thanks to the open and easy-to-clean balcony construction, the HC-A-IS-WD can be easily integrated into existing fi lling lines without having to open up the existing transport route.

Key Features

  • Extremely high accuracy especially for unstable cylindrical products
  • IP69K protection type, solid stainless steel design, IFS-compliant product control, HACCP/LMHV/FDA conformity
  • Easy integration into existing lines
  • Short change over time with simple change of format sets
  • Possibility of fast feedback/tendency control of filling machine

Your Benefits

  • Efficiency improvement through simple and user-friendly controls
  • Flexible integration in production lines for more efficiency

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