Meet Gernot Spiller

The driving force behind the wheel and the heart of the Show Truck

In 2020, Wipotec introduced a groundbreaking concept of bringing our products directly to the "homes" of potential clients, a venture led by our Marketing department and coordinated with Gernot, our sales team, and our partners. The Show Truck, under Gernot's guidance, has become a source of numerous sales and exciting adventures and stories.

Gernot, with a background in marketing and technology, coupled with his hobby of driving buses, contributed significantly to the overwhelming success of the Show Truck. With a friendly smile, he often expresses his amazement at how the truck attracts clients from all levels of a company during his presentations, from operators to logistics, accounting, and quality managers. On several occasions, he's observed the clients bringing freshly produced items, some still "hot off the press," placing them directly on our equipment belts while he demonstrates machine operation with a simple touch.

For him, each visit to potential clients feels like a "blind date" – unpredictable and full of surprises. Many are unfamiliar with the brand, let alone its functioning. Presenting the machine, addressing requests, and answering queries typically involves nearly 2 hours per meeting.

Amid laughter, he shares an anecdote from Romania, where a satisfied client called him early the next day, insisting, "Gernot, before you leave, swing by the company; we'll unload the machine from the truck with our employees. We need it now!" While he couldn't leave the machine behind, it undoubtedly resulted in a closed deal.

We extend our gratitude to Gernot for his time, and charisma, and wish him to continue to accompany the Show Truck while bringing more anecdotes for a long time to come.

To all our readers from Spain, please contact your ASM in charge, as the Show Truck is now visiting these Iberian lands. ¡Buen Viaje, Gernot!

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