Accurate weighing results despite ambient interference


Floor vibrations at the point of use: Predetermine the achievable accuracy of dynamic weighing scales at the potential installation location, with the D-Box.

In parcel logistics, floor vibrations are a given in distribution or sorting centres. Therefore, Wipotec developed the AVC technology to receive precise weighing results with dynamic scales.

In this video, Jens Alder, Sales Director of the Mail & Logistics business unit at Wipotec, explains how to employ the D-Box to pre-determine the weighing accuracy, achievable with AVC, at the point of use. Set up at the potential installation location of the dynamic weighing scale, the D-Box records all faults that the dynamic scale would have to deal with. Taking into account application-specific parameters, the system can then pre-determine the accuracy achievable with Active Vibration Compensation. This results in better weighing results by one calibration value.

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