Batch Coding on a Minimum Footprint

Batch Coding on a Minimum Footprint

Marking, verifying and weighing with central control

TQS featuring checkweigher, printer and camera

TQS marks products with batch-specific information, checks each individual imprint and determines the weight. All this in the smallest possible space. The products are marked on the infeed conveyor and immediately verified by camera control. Users will not have to teach-in the camera, as the print pa-rameters are entered in the unique ConfigureFast user inter-face and are then centrally provided to the printer and cam-era system for control. The products then pass the weighing conveyor and are checked for correct weight. Packages with over- and underweight or with a print that does not meet the predefined quality are ejected. The system ensures seamless product tracking along the entire process.

All modules are operated intuitively, conveniently and  cen trally organized in just one software. TQS can be installed in a line with automatic product infeed and as a stand-alone unit with manual product infeed. The unit can also be easily integrated into existing packaging lines. 

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