Dynamic checkweighers for small cans


HC-A-IS with integrated and automated detection of product orientation

The smaller the fill quantity, the greater the demand for accurate product weighing. This requires a precise measuring instrument. And perfect product handling.The application in the video illustrates the efficient and space-saving arrangement of 2 checkweighers on a common frame. The task: precise, 100% in-line weight control of small MDI containers.Products are fed vertically via plate chain conveyors. Experience has shown that the incoming product flow may contain containers that are tipped over.The weighing system is mechanically designed to automatically detect and reject these containers. This ensures that only upright cans reach the star wheels and the weighing stations. Optimum conditions for an even, uninterrupted and high-performance product flow as well as precise checkweighing.Individual blowing nozzles ensure reliable rejection of products with incorrect weight. All with a small center line distance.The checkweigher not only weighs extremely precisely, but is also an innovative solution in automation. It minimizes potential production downtime while ensuring quality, efficiency and documentation.

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