Webcast: How to mark products with 2D codes in-line

Live-Webcast on 2D codes in-line


Major supermarkets are upgrading their checkout systems. Retail and producers are joining forces in focus groups to work on pilot projects. Their common objective: implementing 2D-codes on packaging by 2027.

For most producers, this means a change in the packaging process. While they currently have a 1D-barcode pre-printed in the packaging design, they will need an additional 2D-code in the future. Since this code contains batch-specific information, it is applied in-line. In this process step, we today usually find printing systems that will not be able to provide the required resolution.

In this online event, our industry- and technology-experts

- gave an overview of the current development towards the implementation of 2D codes in retail
- explained how producers and retailers will benefit from the new marking
- discussed examples of products, packaging types and their individual challenges
- shared valuable advice to consider when marking and labeling, based on real cases

We highly recommend you to review this event, if you are
- producing packaged consumer goods or retail products in general
- taking care of the marking and labeling of your products

... but also if you are in the retail industry and want to take a look into the challenges and possibilities of your suppliers.

Watch the recording now!

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