Live Webcast: End-of-Line Solutions for Block House (German)

Live Webcast: Wipotec End-of-Line Solutions for Block House.

Checkweigher, Inspection, 2D Mark & Verify from a single source

Using our customer's production lines as an example, we will show you what is important when it comes to weighing, inspection and traceability of food products:
"How can precise weight control using innovative checkweighers not only improve the quality of our meat products, but also increase our operational efficiency?"
"How can state-of-the-art optical inspection systems help detect even the smallest irregularities in our meat products, ensuring unsurpassed quality assurance in our production?"
"How can the seamless integration of 2D Code Mark and Verify technologies into our meat processing operations not only guarantee the highest level of traceability, but also enable real-time verification of the authenticity of our products?"

  • Practical examples from our customer
  • Precise weight control for highest quality
  • Foreign object inspection
  • 2D-Mark & Verify: traceability and tracking in the food industry

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