Live webcast: Inspect, check, verify (German)

Live webcast: Inspect, check, verify (German)

Integrating in-line camera inspection into coding and marking systems

Even the most reliable printing technology does not protect against errors. The layout can quickly be mixed up, a number confused or the content of the code switched. The later the error is discovered in the supply chain, the more annoying, time-consuming and expensive it is for the manufacturer. As the complexity of the coding increases, automatic verification becomes more and more important. However, it is complex and time-consuming to install a camera and teach it to know what to read.

Learn from our experts

  • what to look out for when installing a camera in the line.
  • how you can prevent the teach-in process from extending changeover times.
  • the advantages of centralized printer and camera control.

Using real examples from practice, we will show you the "Dos & Don'ts" from planning and installation to the production process. And, of course, we will show you in a live demo how easy optical inspection can be.

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