Modular Labeling Systems

Modular Labeling Systems

Weighing, printing, verifying, labeling, inspecting and foreign object detection

Products must be labeled perfectly. Whether FMCG producers have to meet the high standards of retailers or pharmaceutical companies must comply with serialization regulations: what they need is a reliable labeling solution. The range goes from applying pre-printed labels over printing and applying labels with batch information in text and code to printing and applying serialized labels. In any case, TQS fulfills the task – and many more.

The capabilities of the system go far beyond labeling. Weighing, optical inspection and even foreign body detection – each system is customized for its specific purpose. Position, amount and dimension of each module perfectly suit the product range to be processed. And all those features are fully integrated. That puts operators in the comfortable position to monitor and control every single function via one central display. The more tasks combined, the easier the process.

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