Total control at the end-of-line


Expert talk with Stefan Krakow from Weber Food Technology

Stefan Krakow, Director Product Management at Weber Food Technology, explains why the modular TQS unit from Wipotec represents the "end-of-line" behind Weber's slicer line. He emphasizes that the combination of checkweigher, metal detector, printer, labeler and camera inspection is very advantageous due to the space constraints of the customers. He also emphasizes that the system enables perfect final inspection of the pack quality and that the binding inspection only takes place here. Krakow also explains that the TQS inspection and labeling steps result in a ready-to-ship pack that can be boxed and delivered. The data exchange goes well beyond the standard, providing the Weber systems with information that would otherwise not be available to them. He describes the cooperation with Wipotec as excellent and very in-depth.

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