Traceable Quality for final packaging

Traceable Quality for final packaging - Manual Aggregation

The solution for manual aggregation

The TQS-MP (MP = Manual Pack) is a modular solution for aggregation in the area of manual final packaging. A single software provides intuitive operation of all components. A GMP compliant 15" colour TFT display with touch-screen provides a visualisation of each processing step. The TQS-MP allows the operator to conveniently assign units from a lower packaging level (e.g., folding box) to a higher level (e.g., bundles or shipping cases) and, in this way, to set up the hierarchical relationship (parent-child relationship) in the database. The layouts for the printed labels are prepared and administered using the integrated layouter. The revolutionary TQS system has a truly innovative approach for integrating all components so as to simplify operations and reduce the complexity of the overall system.

The operator registers the packaging units via the flushmounted scanner and assigns them to the next higher packaging level. After reaching the defined number of units, the aggregation step is complete and the label is automatically generated. The product handling is optimised for ergonomic working conditions. The TQS-MP system even allows the handling of the next packaging level (e.g., shipping carton to palette). In this way the parallel use of the optional hand-held radio scanner accomplishes the aggregation of the palette. The operator is assisted by an integrated display on the mobile scanner.

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