Weigh Cell Integration: Weighing of vials and stick packs


The animated video shows multilane weighing solutions with push-over technology. They are used in Wipotec multilane checkweighers and at OEM customers. Typical applications are lightweight products such as vials and stick packs.

The animation demonstrates how a pusher dog pushes vials and stick packs over EMFR Weigh Cells from Wipotec Weighing Technology. As is typical for push-over systems, the Weigh Cells are completely separated mechanically from the product transport. The smallest possible lane spacings from 25 millimeters can be achieved with these especially narrow, compact Weigh Cells. The EMFR Weigh Cells may be equipped with the exclusive AVC technology (Active Vibration Compensation).

Only one central servomotor is required for all lanes. Products with incorrect weight are ejected according to lane or completely.

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