A clear view of the production process thanks to optical inspection

Manual checks can hardly be carried out during operation without sacrificing speed or precision.

This is why modern production facilities increasingly rely on automatic optical inspection systems.

Some errors in labeling and packaging are obvious. However, others are often difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye at high throughput rates. High-resolution cameras, combined with dedicated software, can detect inaccuracies even where most employees do not notice any issues. But whether they are obvious at first glance or hidden in the label code so that people cannot read them, all faulty products must be reliably sorted out before the end of the line. Ideally, manufacturers use a coordinated system for this, which performs other checks in addition to visual inspection.

The overall picture must be just right

A large number of elements can already be controlled on a visual level. Checking can begin, for example, with the markings which every item designed for retail must have. This includes the familiar barcode as well as extended 2D codes. Due to the increasing relevance of dynamic information such as batch numbers or best before dates, this form of inspection can only take place at the end of the line. The situation is similar for the inspection of labels in general. A label must fit properly and also be perfectly aligned in the position provided on the packaging. Is the nutritional information correct? Is the company logo razor sharp? Precise camera modules capture the desired data, which the software evaluates. Thanks to the modular character, the positioning of the cameras is based entirely on the individual requirements of production.
Filling into bottles or canisters can therefore also include a detailed lid check, firmly integrated into the overall inspection. Is the closure securely sealed, is the coloring correct and is the correct shape preserved? Testing the lid colors at the same stage prevents problematic mixing. There are numerous variations.

Product-specific and all-encompassing

In addition to visual inspection, a system from Wipotec offers additional functions that enable comprehensive quality control. This includes checkweighing and foreign body inspection using a metal detector or X-ray inspection. And all functions are easy to operate via a single display. 
Vision systems inspect markings and labels, while more comprehensive solutions have printing and labeling modules. The central control system offers the user enormous added value. Instead of having to coordinate printers, labelers, cameras, scales, metal detectors, transport and ejection, everything is combined in one system – all from a single source.

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