Checkweigher HC-A-EX in action

HC-A-EX checkweigher with integrated EC-FS-EX Weigh Cell

Our solution for ATEX Zone 2

Every element of a production facility must meet certain requirements to minimize the risks to people and machinery in potentially explosive environments. Certain recommendations, rules and regulations exist for meeting these requirements. For example, our HC-A-EX is designed for precise weighing in accordance with the ATEX Zone 2 standards.

If combustible materials and oxygen inevitably come together in a confined space during production, every effort must be made to prevent a source of ignition. Otherwise, there is a risk of life-threatening situations and explosions. To prevent this extreme occurrence, the ATEX regulations were created as a standardized set of rules for companies operating in this country. Directive 2014/34/EU specifically defines various preventive and protective measures for hazardous areas. A detailed risk assessment should thus always take place as the first step. The classification of the ATEX zones ultimately determines how often or for how long a potentially explosive atmosphere can exist. The lower the zone number, the higher the requirements for protective measures.

Creating ideal conditions
The modular system of the HC-A-EX adapts fully to the desired application. Nickel-coated strips (electrical conductivity) and the pressurized enclosure of the control cabinet (to prevent the ingress of flammable gases) ensure the best possible protection against explosions. Nonetheless, a throughput of more than 300 pieces per minute is achieved. The core of the system is formed by the EC-FS-EX series Weigh Cell, which complies with ignition protection type EX II 3 D Ex tc IIIB T100 °C Dc. Packaged in high-quality stainless steel, the cell has a weighing range of up to 15 kilograms at a sampling rate of one millisecond. As usual, optimum protection is ensured with complete functionality.


Watch this video to see how 300 aerosol cans per minute are checked using precise high-speed checkweighers.

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